DMV Director Julie Butler Announces Retirement

CARSON CITY, NV February 09, 2024

After 30 years of public service to the State of Nevada, Department of Motor Vehicles Director Julie Butler has announced her intent to retire on March 1, 2024.

“Director Butler has exemplified dedication to public service over her three decades in Nevada government,” said Governor Joe Lombardo. “I offer her my sincere gratitude for her time and effort in making this state a better place for all Nevadans.”

Butler had previously spent time at the Governor’s Office of Finance, the State Purchasing Division, the Nevada Office of Traffic Safety, the Nevada Department of Corrections, and the Nevada Department of Public Safety before being appointed to the DMV’s top position in January 2019.

During her tenure, Butler launched the DMV’s Department Transformation Effort, which aims to put most DMV services online and overhaul the DMV’s processes and structure.

“The work that Director Butler started is critical to the future success of our DMV,” Governor Lombardo said Friday. “To continue this work, I’m pleased to announce that the DMV’s deputy director, Tonya Laney, will succeed her as the director of Nevada’s DMV.”

Laney, who has been with the DMV for 11 years, has served as the agency’s second-in-command since November 2021. During her time with the DMV, Laney has overseen the day-to-day operations of the agency’s 18 field offices and worked to build three new field offices to better serve Nevadans. Prior to her time in State service, Laney had established herself as a human resources professional working for larger businesses in the Reno/Carson City area.

“My goal is to improve the accessibility of government services to our customers – whether you need something from the city, county, state, or federal government, I believe the process should be as easy as possible,” Laney said. “I’ve been fortunate enough to be trusted by Director Butler to help steer our transformation project since the beginning, and we’ve always been pursuing the goal of making these sometimes very complicated processes easier to understand and complete.”

Laney’s first day as director of the Nevada DMV will be March 2, 2024.





Elizabeth Ray
Communications Director