Constituent Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can the Governor help with a city or county issue? 

The Governor does not have jurisdiction over issues decided upon by local elected officials. Examples of this include issues with local police departments, school districts, or decisions made at the local level. Problems on the local level should be addressed with local officials in the designated city or county.

Can the Governor assist with judicial matters such as ongoing cases or complaints? 

As the head of the Executive Branch, the Governor cannot handle judicial matters such as complaints against judges or other legal offices or institutions. The Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline was created to investigate allegations of Judicial misconduct in office, violations of the Revised Nevada Code of Judicial Conduct, or disability of judges. This commission can be reached at (775) 687-4017.

Can the Governor assist with a pardon? 

The Governor is a member of the Nevada Board of Pardons Commissioners, along with the Justices of the Supreme Court and the Attorney General. Any requests or questions related to pardons can be directed to the Board of Pardons Commissioners. They can be reached by telephone at (775) 687-5049 or by email at

There is a new state law being discussed that I disagree with. Can the Governor take action against it? 

The Governor is happy to take comments on new legislation. Our office can accept these comments via telephone, webform, or mail. A link to the webform is listed above and is titled “Share your thoughts with the Governor”. However, concerns related to legislative matters (such as the creation of a new law) is directed towards your State Senator or Assemblyperson. To identify your state legislative representative, please visit the Nevada Legislature.

I have a question or concern regarding a Federal department or program. Can the Governor’s Office help? 

The Governor does not have jurisdiction over any Federal programs or agencies. Some examples include Social Security, Medicare, or Immigration. There are a number of Nevada State level agencies the Governor’s Office can assist with.

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