Boards and Commissions Frequently Asked Questions

Who can serve on a Nevada State Board or Commission?

Boards and commissions have specific requirements that are described in the legislation or Executive Order by which they were created. Most boards and commissions require appointees to be Nevada residents and at least 18 years old. Qualifications for each seat is provided in state statute.

How do I become a member of a Nevada State Board or Commission?

To be considered for a gubernatorial appointment or reappointment to a Nevada State board or commission, an application must be submitted along with a current resume. The vacancy list is updated monthly with current vacancy seat positions.


Boards & Commissions
101 North Carson Street
Carson City, NV 89701
(775) 684-5670

What should I expect when applying?

After submitting your application and Authorization for Release of Personal Information form, please allow a few weeks for processing. The Authorization for Release of Personal Information form must be submitted for consideration of appointment. You will be notified whether you were chosen to serve on a board or commission. An email notification will be sent once the appointment process is finalized.

How will I know if I am selected for an appointment?

Individuals selected for appointment and not selected will be notified by email and mail.

Are letters of recommendation or support accepted to support my application?

Yes, please ask your recommender to submit a letter on your behalf to for processing or by mail.

Can I apply for a board/commission even if there are not any vacancies listed on your website?

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and will be considered as openings become available. The vacancy list has the most up to date board and commission openings.

What is the time commitment to serve on a board?

Every board or commission has a different time commitment required of their respective members. Some boards and commissions meet once a year, while others meet much more frequently. Interested applicants are encouraged to research the time commitment required by the specific board or commission of interest.

What are my responsibilities as a board member?

Board member responsibilities vary for each board and commission. Interested applicants are encouraged to research board responsibilities required by the specific board or commission of interest.

Are board members compensated?

Compensation varies according to statute. Most boards and commissions offer travel reimbursements and/or a small per diem. Board members are encouraged to contact the respective board admin for more information on eligibility for travel or per diem.

Where can I find more information about a board or commission?

Information about Nevada’s approximately 250 boards and commissions can be found through Nevada’s Legislature and on respective boards’ websites. Most of this information can be found via an online search.

Does the Governor have regulatory authority over a board and/or commission?

Per Nevada Revised Statute, the Governor’s role is to appoint members to various regulatory authority boards. Members of regulatory boards oversee the licensing, handle complaints, and enforce disciplinary actions of individuals or industries that fall within the jurisdiction of the board’s authority.

I am having an issue with a board or commission. Can the Governor’s office help?

If you have an issue specific to a Nevada State Board and it involves allegations of potential criminal activity, please contact the Nevada Attorney General’s Office and speak with one of their criminal investigators. If the item is administrative or procedural, please contact the board directly to discuss the item.

Issues with a state board or commission can be submitted using the Governor’s “Intake Casework” form on the Contact tab of the Governor’s website. The Governor’s office will forward to the appropriate agency for review and follow-up.

State of Nevada Boards and Commissions (Full List

Accountancy Board
Advisory Board on Dream Tags
Advisory Board on Outdoor Recreation
Advisory Committee on Problem Gambling
Advisory Committee on the Safety and Well-Being of Public-School Staff
Advisory Committee on the Safety and Well-Being of Teachers
Advisory Council for Prosecuting Attorneys
Advisory Council on Graduate Medical Education
Advisory Task Force on HIV Exposure Modernization
Air Service Development Commission
Athletic Commission
Attorney for Injured Workers
Automotive Affairs Advisory Board
Barbers' Health and Sanitation Board
Behavioral Health Planning and Advisory Council
Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board
Board for Administration of Subsequent Injury Account for Self-Insured Employers
Board for Financing Water Projects
Board for the Education and Counseling of Displaced Homemakers
Board for the Regulation of Liquified Petroleum Gas
Board of Agriculture
Board of Applied Behavior Analysts
Board of Architecture, Interior Design, and Residential Design
Board of Athletic Trainers
Board of Cosmetology
Board of Dental Examiners
Board of Directors for Jobs for Nevada Graduates, Inc.
Board of Directors for the Department of Transportation
Board of Dispensing Opticians
Board of Economic Development
Board of Education
Board of Equalization
Board of Examiners for Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Gambling Counselors
Board of Examiners for Long-Term Care Facility Administrators
Board of Examiners for Marriage and Family Therapists
Board of Examiners for Social Workers
Board of Health
Board of Homeopathic Medical Examiners
Board of Landscape Architecture
Board of Massage Therapy
Board of Medical Examiners
Board of Nursing
Board of Occupational Therapy
Board of Optometry
Board of Parole Commissioners
Board of Pharmacy
Board of Physical Therapy Examiners
Board of Podiatry
Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors
Board of Psychological Examiners
Board of Public Employees' Benefits Program
Board of Registered Environmental Health Specialists
Board of the Nevada Arts Council
Board of Trustees of the College Savings Plans of Nevada
Board of Trustees of the Fund for Hospital Care to Indigent Persons
Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners
Board of Wildlife Commissioners
California- Nevada Super Speed Ground Transportation Commission
Cannabis Advisory Commission
Cannabis Compliance Board
Carson Valley Agriculture Association
Carson-Truckee Water Conservancy District
Certified Court Reporters Board
Chiropractic Physicians' Board
Clark Regional Behavioral Health Policy Board
Colorado River Basin Salinity Control Advisory Council
Colorado River Basin Salinity Control Forum
Colorado River Commission
Commission for Women
Commission of Appraisers of Real Estate
Commission on Aging
Commission on Autism Spectrum Disorder
Commission on Behavioral Health
Commission on Construction Education
Commission on Judicial Discipline
Commission on Judicial Selection
Commission on Mineral Resources
Commission on Nuclear Projects
Commission on Off-Highway Vehicles
Commission on Postsecondary Education
Commission on Professional Standards in Education
Commission on School Funding
Commission on Tourism
Committee for the Statewide Alert System
Committee on Catastrophic Leave
Committee on Statewide School Safety
Common-Interest Communities Commission
Comstock Historic District Commission
Conservation Commission
Contractors' Board
Council for Establishment of Academic Standards for Public Schools
Council for Interstate Adult Offender Supervision
Council on Food Security
Credit Union Advisory Council
Deferred Compensation Committee
Department of Administration Appeals Officers and Special Appeals Officers
Early Childhood Advisory Council
Early Intervention Interagency Coordinating Council
Economic Forum
Education Commission of the States
Employee-Management Committee
Employment Security Council
Environmental Commission
Environmental Protection, Board to Review Claims
Equal Rights Commission
Ethics Commission
Executive Branch Audit Committee
Funeral and Cemetery Services Board
Gaming Commission
Gaming Control Board
Gaming Policy Committee
Government Employee-Management Relations Board
Governor's Advisory Council on Education Relating to the Holocaust
Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities
Governor's Workforce Development Board
Historical Records Advisory Board
Homeland Security Commission
Indian Commission
Indigent Defense Services
Industrial Insurance Appeals Panel
Industrial Relations Advisory Council
Information Technology Advisory Board
Interagency Advisory Council on Homelessness to Housing
Interagency Council on Veteran Affairs
Interstate Agreement on Detainers
Junior Livestock Show Board
Juvenile Justice Oversight Commission
Keep Nevada Working Task Force
Land Use Planning Advisory Council
Libraries and Literary Council
Merit Award Board
Mining Oversight and Accountability Commission
Museums and History Advisory Board
Naprapathic Practice Advisory Board
Nevada Advisory Commission on Mentoring
Nevada Advisory Council on Federal Assistance
Nevada Capital Investment Corporation
Nevada Clean Energy Fund
Nevada Commission for Persons Who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing or Speech Impaired
Nevada Commission for the Reconstruction of the V&T Railway
Nevada High-Speed Rail Authority
Nevada Sentencing Commission
Nevada State Infrastructure Bank
Nevada State Rehabilitation Council
Nevada Transportation Authority
Nevada Volunteers
Northern Nevada Veterans' Cemetery Advisory Committee
Northern Regional Behavioral Health Policy Board
Occupational Safety and Health Review Board
Oriental Medicine Board
Osteopathic Medicine Board
Outdoor Education Advisory Working Group
Oversight Panel for Convention Facilities
Patient Protection Commission
Peace Officers' Standards and Training Commission
Personnel Commission
Private Investigator's Licensing Board
Psychedelic Medicines Working Group
Public Defender for the State
Public Employees' Retirement Board
Public Utilities Commission
Public Works Board
Radiation Therapy and Radiologic Imaging Advisory Committee
Rangeland Resource Commission
Real Estate Commission
Records Committee
Regional Transmission Task Force
Rocky Mountain Low-Level Radioactive Waste Board
Rural Regional Behavioral Health Policy Board
Sagebrush Ecosystem Council
Silver State Health Insurance Exchange
Southern Nevada Veterans' Cemetery Advisory Committee
Southern Regional Behavioral Health Policy Board
Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology and Hearing Aid Dispensing Board
Stadium Authority
State Apprenticeship Council
State Board of Finance
State Board of Fire Services
State Council for Interstate Juvenile Supervision
State Council for the Coordination of the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children
State Emergency Response Commission
State Public Charter School Authority
Statewide Council for the Coordination of the Regional Training Programs
Statewide Independent Living Council
Subsequent Injury Fund for Associations of Self-Insured Public or Private Employers
Tahoe Regional Planning Agency
Tahoe Transportation District, Board of Directors
Task Force on Employee Misclassification
Tax Commission
Taxicab Authority
Teachers and Leaders Council
Technological Crime Advisory Board
University School for Profoundly Gifted Pupils- Davidson Academy of Nevada
Veterans' Services Commission
Washoe Regional Behavioral Health Policy Board
Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education
Western Interstate Nuclear Compact
Women Veterans Advisory Committee