Submit Your Waiver

Authorization for Release of Personal Information and Waiver

Every candidate must complete the Authorization for Release of Personal Information and Waiver.

Disclosure of a social security number is voluntary. However, if you do not disclose your social security number you will need to provide a current credit history. Please contact the Office of the Governor if you choose to provide your own credit history. Pursuant to NRS 239B.030, social security numbers will remain confidential and will only be disclosed for the purpose of coordinating a background check. 

A record of conviction will not necessarily bar the applicant from appointment and the appointing authority will consider factors such as: 1) the length of time that has passed since the offense; 2) the age of the applicant at the time of the offense; 3) the severity and nature of the offense; 4) the relationship of the offense to the position for which the applicant has applied; and 5) evidence of the rehabilitation of the applicant.