Governor Lombardo and State Superintendent Ebert Announce Acing Accountability

The initiative ensures the effectiveness of the State’s new investments in Nevada’s K-12 education system

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – September 21, 2023

Governor Joe Lombardo and State Superintendent Jhone Ebert unveiled focused accountability metrics while touring schools. During the 2023 legislative session, Governor Lombardo signed and the legislature passed the largest education budget in state history, committing an additional $2.6 billion dollars to Nevada’s K-12 education system. Several bills also put accountability measures into place to ensure the state is getting a return on the historic investment in student success.

“Along with this funding, I expect results. I won’t accept a lack of funding as an excuse for underperformance. I’ll be working with our State Superintendent to ensure our systems of accountability and transparency are robust and enforced,” said Governor Joe Lombardo, when he first announced his historic investment during his State of the State address in January of 2023.

A number of bills were also signed into law during the 2023 legislative sessions laying out accountability structures, including Senate Bill (SB) 98 which requires the Superintendent of Public Instruction to establish metrics of performance for districts.

As part of Acing Accountability, each school district, the State Public Charter School Authority (SPCSA), and its charter holders will be assessed based on the following Essential Questions:

  • To what degree are school districts and the SPCSA effectively implementing reading and mathematics resources?
  • To what degree are kindergarten through grade 3 (K-3) students demonstrating progress toward mastery in literacy?
  • To what degree are grades 4 through 8 (4-8) students demonstrating growth and proficiency in mathematics?
  • To what degree are high school graduates prepared for success in college or a career?
  • To what degree do school districts and the SPCSA have the workforce to meet the needs of every student?
  • To what degree are school districts and the SPCSA using innovative solutions to meet the unique needs of their students?

Additional metrics of performance will be developed by each district and charter school and approved by the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

“When Nevada invests in our students, we invest in our future,” said State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Jhone Ebert. “In the past, we have shown returns on the investments we’ve made. We look forward to the return we will see from this historic investment.”