Governor Lombardo and the State Public Charter School Authority Open Applications for Charter School Transportation Funding Requests

CARSON CITY, NV – June 30, 2023

Today, Governor Joe Lombardo announced that the State Public Charter School Authority (SPCSA) officially opened applications for charter schools to request transportation funding.

"We're excited to announce that charter schools can now officially apply for this new transportation funding," said Rebecca Feiden, Executive Director of the State Public Charter School Authority. "This funding will provide a tremendous benefit to our schools and our students, and we're deeply grateful for Governor Lombardo's efforts to secure this funding through his transformational education legislation."

Assembly Bill 400, which is Governor Lombardo’s Education Achievement, Opportunity, and Accountability Act, appropriated $7 million to the SPCSA for each year of the upcoming biennium (the 2023-24 school year and the 2024-25 school year) to award to charter schools to fund student transportation. Pursuant to Assembly Bill 400, any charter school in the State of Nevada, regardless of its sponsor (SPCSA or school district) may apply for transportation funding.

"Charter school transportation funding is a critical part of expanding and enhancing school choice opportunities in our state," said Governor Joe Lombardo. "I'm proud that my administration was able to deliver this essential funding, and I look forward to seeing this funding directly benefit Nevada students, families, and charter schools."

To apply, charter schools must submit a transportation plan to the SPCSA. Applications will be accepted beginning on July 7, 2023. The charter school transportation funding application and budget workbook can be found here:

The SPCSA aims to ensure equitable access to diverse, innovative, and high-quality public schools for every Nevada student. This appropriation will open the door for charter schools to offer transportation, removing barriers to accessing charter school options for students and families.



Elizabeth Ray
Communications Director