Governor Lombardo Signs Landmark Legislation, Successfully Passes Historic Education and Public Safety Agenda in First Legislative Session

CARSON CITY, NV - June 16, 2023

Today, 10 days after the end of the 2023 Legislative Session, Governor Joe Lombardo officially returned all outstanding legislation to the Office of the Secretary of State. In total, Governor Lombardo received 611 bills throughout the 82nd Legislative Session, ultimately signing 536 of the bills that reached his desk.

“I’m excited by the meaningful legislation my administration was able to pass in our first legislative session,” said Governor Joe Lombardo. “I signed long-awaited school safety reforms, a historic education budget and education accountability measures, and common-sense public safety policies – all while ensuring Nevadans faced no new taxes and making unprecedented investments into state savings accounts.”

Highlights of Governor Lombardo’s first legislative session include:

  • Governor Lombardo signing four of his five key pieces of legislation:
    • AB 330, the Safer and Supportive Schools Act
    • AB 400, the Education Achievement, Opportunity, and Accountability Act
    • SB 412, the Crime Reduction Act
    • SB 431, the Government Modernization and Efficiency Act
  • Keeping his commitment of no new taxes and vetoing all proposed new taxes
  • Cutting taxes for Nevada businesses
  • Offering more school choice options
  • Paying down state debt
  • Paying state employees a fairer wage
  • Providing historic education funding and ensuring stricter accountability measures within schools
  • Ensuring safer schools and enacting anti-school violence policies
  • Directing more funding to higher education and workforce development programs
  • Re-energizing economic development
  • Returning to sensible criminal justice reform
  • Building more capacity in mental health services throughout the state
  • Directing unprecedented resources to address homelessness in Clark County

In addition to signing historic legislation, Governor Lombardo vetoed a total of 75 bills throughout the legislative session.

“This session, Democrats passed legislation that raised taxes, eroded constitutional rights, and expanded bureaucracy, among countless other examples of government overreach,” said Governor Joe Lombardo. “Nevadans elected me to protect and serve our state – which includes protecting Nevadans from harmful and dangerous legislation. So, while I’m proud of the legislation we were able to pass this session, I’m also confident in my decision to veto bills that did not serve the best interest of all Nevadans.”



Elizabeth Ray
Communications Director