Governor Joe Lombardo Statement on Budget Bills

May 25, 2023

Today, Governor Joe Lombardo released the following statement:

“As the five budget bills are being fast-tracked by legislative Democrats, I will repeat what I have previously stated. I will not sign any budget bills until my priorities are addressed. Period. So, before the Senate and Assembly take final action on these five bills today, tomorrow, or the next day, I suggest they reconsider their decision and delay final passage until the policy priorities that I spelled out on day one are on my desk. If they choose to test my resolve, I’ll make it easy for them. The people of Nevada hired me to protect their interests and that is what I intend to do.” -Governor Joe Lombardo

Governor Lombardo’s Day One Priorities

  • Fiscally Responsible Budget
  • School Safety
  • School Choice and Accountability
  • Government Efficiency
  • Crime Reduction



Elizabeth Ray
Communications Director