Governor Lombardo Statement on Colorado River Proposal Letter

CARSON CITY, NV - January 31, 2023

Today, Nevada and five other states within the Colorado River Compact outlined a proposed series of Colorado River cuts in a signed letter to the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. The letter was submitted as Colorado River basin states work to curb regional water usage ahead of the federal government’s review of current environmental protection guidelines.

“I’m proud that Nevada continues to work productively with our fellow Colorado River basin states to update river management and secure the future of the Southwest. This letter, signed by six states, is a major step forward, and one that will hopefully prevent draconian cuts to river allocations,” said Governor Joe Lombardo. “Nevada’s water conservation efforts over recent decades have put our state in a position to withstand additional reasonable cuts to Colorado River allocations without jeopardizing our state’s economic future. I’m hopeful that this framework will lead to a prosperous future for all river users, and as I said in my State of the State address last week, I look forward to taking an active role in ensuring Nevada’s future is protected while we work collaboratively with other states on a resolution.”

In his State of the State address last Monday, Governor Lombardo pledged to be actively involved in future river negotiations with other states, while also reiterating that Nevada must continue to lead by example and demonstrate its firm resolve to achieving short and long-term water resource solutions.



Elizabeth Ray
Communications Director