Seal of the State of Nevada

WHEREAS, B.R.A.V.E ( Building Respect and Values for Everyone) an Anti Bullying Platform, Introduced to our great state of Nevada by young community leaders; and

WHEREAS, the B.R.A.V.E message has been a inspiration not only to our youth but our community, standing together against bullying, standing up and speaking out for each other, excepting and embracing ones imperfections. Sharing the long lasting impacts bullying has on ones mental health long term; and

WHEREAS, B.R.A.V.E has been a pillar of strength during a time when bullying and cypher bullying are at a all time high. The message of B.R.A.V.E brings hope to those who are and who have been bullied, letting them know they aren't alone and have someone to talk to, they have a outlet; and

WHEREAS, B.R.A.V.E has been shared with students of all ages throughout our state. Empowering one to respect the well being of others, lead by example and has shown youth how to appropriately reduce the negative affects of bullying by being a pillar of strength, sound judgment and reason; and

WHEREAS, B.R.A.V.E is a voice for those who may not have one, raises a greater awareness of bullying, importance of being kind and inclusive and provides hope in a dark place; and

WHEREAS, our goal is to have a Be B.R.A.V.E Day across the nation giving hope and a voice to those who need it; and

NOW, THEREFORE, I, STEVE SISOLAK, GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF NEVADA, do hereby proclaim September 12, 2022, as


Footer State Seal

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal of the State of Nevada to be affixed at the State Capitol in Carson City, this 7th day of September 2022.

Governor's signature