Governor Sisolak presents proclamation in solidarity with Jewish community at Jewish Nevada Annual Meeting

LAS VEGAS, NV – January 18, 2022

Today Governor Sisolak presented a proclamation in solidarity with the Jewish Community at Jewish Nevada’s Annual Meeting alongside The Honorable Shelley Berkley. They were also joined by Stefanie Tuzman, President and CEO of Jewish Nevada, Dr. Hillel Newman, Consul General of Israel to the Pacific Southwest, and members of the Jewish Nevada Board.

During his remarks, the Governor addressed the recent events that unfolded at the Congregation Beth Israel in Texas and reaffirmed his commitment to helping end antisemitism.

“The tragic events that took place at Congregation Beth Israel could have happened at any synagogue, community center, or school in the country. Rabbis should not have to be armed and on guard in order to safely lead worship services. People, regardless of faith should not have to live in fear for their life because of their religion,” said Governor Sisolak. “As Governor, you have my commitment that I will always stand shoulder to shoulder with the Jewish community in the face of antisemitism and will work tirelessly to fight it in the Silver State.“

Jewish Nevada is Nevada’s Jewish Federation serving as the representative organization for the close to 80,000 Jews living in Nevada. Their work aims at assessing and addressing the needs of the entire community. This includes issuing allocations to more than 70 organizations that provide vital resources to the Nevada Jewish community and Jewish communities throughout the world.

Photos are attached here and a link to the Governor’s proclamation can be found here.