Governor Sisolak launches the Nevada Climate Series 2022 with tour of wildfire site, new preparation guide

RENO, NV – July 13, 2022

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One quick note from our friends at the Washoe County School District. The name of the school the Governor was at today is "Caughlin Ranch Elementary School." We inadvertently dropped the word Ranch in the release below.


Today, Governor Steve Sisolak formally launched the Nevada Climate Series 2022 alongside a preparation guide – accessible here – for residents to prepare in the event of a wildfire.

“Wildfire season is getting longer and more intense due to dry, hot conditions – people who have never had to worry about wildfires may be impacted now and need to know how to prepare,” said Governor Sisolak. “We need to work together now to protect our youngest Nevadans, their futures and our beautiful State.”

The Governor toured the site of the Pinehaven Fire in Reno with the student-organizer of the Caughlin Climate Action Collective, Tilli Allen, who was impacted by the wildfire and created a club afterwards to take action against climate change. The Governor met with more students from the club at Caughlin Elementary School and heard stories from them about the wildfire’s impact on their lives, their goals to get more students to join their club and protect their state from wildfires and the negative impacts of climate change.

Photos from today’s event can be found here.

Students also shared photos and videos of the immediate effects of the Pinehaven Fire in 2020 at their homes and in their neighborhoods. Those photos are available for media use and can be found here.

Tilli Allen, a sixth-grade graduate from Caughlin Elementary School, started the club with a goal to write 150 letters to Congress, and she spoke to the Nevada State Legislature urging leaders to take action against climate change. A video from that speech can be found here.

The Nevada Climate Series 2022 is aimed at bringing awareness to the impacts of climate change and collaborating with partners across the state to provide resources to help Nevadans mitigate the effects. The Wildfire Preparation Guide, developed with Living with Fire Program at the University of Nevada, Reno and the Extreme Heat Resources Guide will both be accessible at ClimateAction.NV.Gov.

Attached is a PDF of the Wildfire Preparation Guide for distribution.



Meghin Delaney
Communications Director