Governor Sisolak and the Office of Workforce Innovation Announce Statewide Initiative to Train and Certify 2,500 Nevadans in Cloud Computing

In collaboration with Amazon Web Services, education institutions across the state will deliver cloud computing curriculum mapped to in-demand tech jobs

LAS VEGAS, NV — April 06, 2022

Today, Governor Steve Sisolak announced a strategic initiative with the Nevada Governor’s Office of Workforce Innovation (GOWINN), the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE), the Nevada Department of Education (NDE) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to train, upskill and certify 2,500 Nevadans in cloud computing in the next three years. The collaboration will provide access to cloud computing education courses and certifications through higher education and high schools across Nevada.

“I am pleased to announce this new collaboration with AWS. Nevada is leading the nation by having K-12, higher education institutions, and government workforce agencies working together to incorporate AWS education programs and cloud computing into their academic and workforce programs to help prepare students for cloud careers,” said Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak. “Nevada will benefit greatly, and Nevadans will have access to high paying and meaningful careers.”

Cloud computing jobs are in high demand across the United States. In Nevada, Economic Modeling Specialist International (EMSI) has identified 9,601 unfilled cloud computing jobs in 2021, along with over 61,700 cloud computing job postings from Jan. 2021-Dec. 2021. According to LinkedIn, cloud computing has remained one of the most in-demand hard skills for the last several years, and two AWS Certifications appear on the top 10 highest paying certifications list by Global Knowledge (2020).

“As thousands of cloud computing jobs go unfulfilled in Nevada and across the globe, AWS is providing curriculum, resources, and tools to help learners gain new or improved tech skills,” said Kim Majerus, Vice President, US Education, State and Local Government at AWS. “Nevada is a leader in entertainment and tourism, and we are thrilled to support education, policy, and industry leaders expand the state’s tech economy and introduce residents to new and exciting career opportunities.”

AWS has previously worked with several states in the United States to focus on statewide implementations of cloud computing education courses and certifications. However, Nevada is one of the first states to have three or more state organizations collaborate together, strategically working with AWS. This will allow secondary and higher education institutions, with the support of the Governor’s Office, provide opportunities for individuals to learn employable skills in cloud computing.

“As we accelerate education and innovation, our collaboration with AWS, GOWINN, and NSHE creates a clear path between K-12 and Nevada’s workforce,” said Jhone Ebert, State Superintendent of Public Instruction. “It was critical to ensure that educator support and professional development were included as part of this agreement, so that we are not only building our workforce for the future, but also enhancing teacher expertise and capacity.”

In support of this statewide collaboration, AWS may provide resources to instructors throughout Nevada, including professional development, technical training and certification exams. AWS education programs provide education institutions with ready-to-teach, cloud computing curriculum that prepares students for industry-recognized AWS Certifications. Institutions across the state are invited to participate and will deliver education course offerings for students and adults to upskill and reskill to re-enter the workforce.

“The Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) is excited for this opportunity to collaborate with AWS and GOWINN,” said Caleb Cage, Vice Chancellor, Workforce Development and Chief Innovation Officer at Nevada System of Higher Education. “We believe this collaboration will open educational and training opportunities for our students and instructors that will prepare our graduates for careers in Nevada’s fast-growing tech job market.”

In addition, industry collaboration with organizations and companies in Nevada will play a vital role in connecting participants to work-based learning experiences, as well as local employers who are seeking to hire qualified employees.

To learn more about the AWS Academy program being made available to Nevada schools, please visit here.



Meghin Delaney
Communications Director