Nevada Division of Emergency Management outlines plans to fortify Nevada in regard to current geopolitical landscape

CARSON CITY, NV– March 07, 2022

Today, the Nevada Division of Emergency Management (DEM) announced the implementation of Nevada’s Geopolitical Cyber awareness efforts, including a policy group, State Emergency Operations Center and information-sharing platform for the state.

The plans were outlined today during the Nevada Commission on Homeland Security meeting, chaired by Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak.

DEM in coordination with the Governor’s Office, the Office of Cyber Defense Coordination, and other key state departments, is establishing a policy group as a proactive measure to manage vulnerabilities and integrate unique cyber capabilities across multiple federal agencies; tribal, state, and local governments; and private sector entities to outline shared objectives.

The State does not have any actionable intelligence for a threat to Nevada, this group will aggressively address the potential needs to protect residents and visitors given the current geopolitical landscape.

DEM will take the lead on coordinating information from statewide and federal experts and essential partners. The group’s mission will identify the impacts of potential cyber threats for all levels of government and develop a unified plan to drive down risk should an incident occur.

This collaborative effort is bridging connections throughout the state with the intention of securing Nevada’s future.

Nevada Division of Emergency Management/Homeland Security is a part of Nevada’s Office of the Military. The division’s mission is coordinating prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery programs and resources through partnerships to build resilient communities for Nevada’s residents and visitors. Visit for more information.

More information about the Shields Up effort can be found at



Meghin Delaney 
Communications Director