Nevada Leadership Calls For Continued Discussion on the Future of Natural Gas

CARSON CITY - April 19, 2021

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak, Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro, and Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson released the following statements on the State’s continued action to tackle climate change and transition away from fossil fuels.

“To meet the State of Nevada’s goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, we must reduce the amount of natural gas used in Nevada,” said Governor Steve Sisolak. “I appreciate the Nevada Legislature’s effort to kickstart the discussion on the issue and I believe further review by the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada would be appropriate to continue it. This transition away from carbon is already starting, and it is critical that we take a deeper look and determine how we can protect hardworking families and businesses as it continues.”

“Strong majorities of Nevada voters and Legislators believe that it’s critical for us to address the climate crisis,” said Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro. “We are committed to taking action that supports the state’s Climate Strategy and puts us on track to meet our greenhouse gas reduction goals. While we simply didn’t have the time for some of these tough, complex discussions this Legislative Session, it’s critical that we look at what the future will bring and prepare ourselves so that no Nevadan is left behind."

“As we know, the pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges to our legislative process, making it a difficult environment for robust discussion and debate,” said Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson. “And while some bills related to acting on climate change did not move forward this session, we no less remain committed to addressing the climate crisis and will continue to push Nevada to be a leader in the clean energy economy. From droughts and heat waves to wildfires, Nevada families are already feeling the effects of climate change and we know we must continue to act.”

For more information about the role of methane gas in Nevada, please see this State of Nevada Climate Initiative fact sheet.



Meghin Delaney
Communications Director