Governor Sisolak delivers veto statements on four bills from the 81st Legislative Session

CARSON CITY, NV– June 11, 2021

Today, Governor Steve Sisolak delivered veto statements on Assembly Bill 65, Assembly Bill 368, Senate Bill 254, and Senate Bill 391 to the Nevada Secretary of State, in accordance with the filing time limit set forth in the Nevada Constitution.

Veto statements for AB65, AB368, SB254 and SB391 are attached.

According to the Nevada Constitution, if the Governor vetoes a bill after the Legislature adjourns, the vetoed bill is filed with the Secretary of State and the Secretary of State will return the bill to the House of origin at the next regular session of the Legislature or at a special session at which vetoed bills are to be considered. A bill so returned to the House of origin is considered in the same manner as a bill returned to the House of origin during the regular legislative session.



Meghin Delaney     
Communications Director