Governor Sisolak creates job, economic opportunities for Nevadans coming out of COVID-19 pandemic, restores critical funding for services during 2021 legislative session

CARSON CITY, NV – June 01, 2021

Today, upon completion of the 81st Legislative Session, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak highlighted the accomplishments, including the passage of legislation that will help create good-paying jobs for Nevadans, restore funding for critical services to those in need, and help Nevada come back stronger post-pandemic. Accomplishments include the historic passage of Assembly Bill 495, which provides for a significant and dedicated investment in Nevada’s education system for every student, educator, and family throughout the State. This historic investment in our schools was only made possible thanks to the partnership of education leaders, business and industry, a bipartisan group of legislators, stakeholders and community members.

“From the start, we knew this legislative session would look very different than any other before in our State history, but I am so proud that we were able to create significant progress on our road to recovery for all those who call Nevada home,” said Governor Sisolak. “It was only 120 days ago we were still reeling from the COVID-19 winter surge and navigating our path forward out of this crisis. What began in uncertain times will conclude with a feeling of hope and confidence in our comeback. Over the past four months, we came together to provide the largest small business assistance funding in state history, approve precedent-setting education funding, and prioritize job creation through measures such as the Infrastructure Bank and legislation that will accelerate Nevada’s New Energy Economy. Over that same time period, Nevada has administered millions of life-saving vaccines into arms and is officially 100 percent reopened statewide as of today. Through the good times and the hard times, serving as Nevada’s Governor continues to be the honor of my lifetime. Let’s get to work.”

Governor Sisolak has already signed more than 200 bills as of today. The accomplishments below include, but are not limited to, legislation passed and signed already or legislation that will be approved by the Governor in the coming days:

  • Providing an additional $50 million to support the Pandemic Emergency Technical Support (PETS) grant program (AB106), making the $101 million expenditure the largest small business assistance program in Nevada history.
  • Appropriating $25 million for the construction of a medical school at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The completion of the UNLV Medical School Building will help Nevada recruit, train and keep more medical professionals and could generate as many as 16,000 jobs over the next decade (SB434).
  • Creating the Public Health Resource Office to identify opportunities for improved coordination, state infrastructure needs, federal funding opportunities, and improve public health delivery systems throughout the State so that Nevada can continue our recovery efforts and build a stronger, more resilient public health infrastructure (SB424).
  • Expanding mail-in voting and making voting more accessible for Nevadans (AB321).
  • Protecting workers in the gaming and tourism industry who were laid-off or furloughed from their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic (SB386).
  • Honoring the Nevada National Guard for their service to the State during the COVID-19 pandemic by creating a temporary sales tax holiday for servicemembers and their families (SB440).
  • Aligning workforce training and programs offered by community colleges in Nevada, to ensure that Nevadans are trained and ready for jobs of the future by bringing renewed focus and resources to Nevada’s community colleges and recognizes the important role they play in Nevada’s future workforce development, economic growth, and higher education mission (AB450).
  • Investing in the New Energy Economy, as clean energy is intrinsically linked to Nevada’s job recovery and economic opportunities. In addition to prioritizing reliable electricity and stable rates, Nevada’s clean energy economy will create much-needed job opportunities, improve health and air quality for all Nevadans, and keep our emissions reduction targets at the forefront for our climate-resilient future (SB448).
  • Launching and expanding Nevada’s State Infrastructure Bank with a $75 million appropriation to fast-track much needed infrastructure projects across the State and create thousands of good-paying jobs. (SB430).
  • Protecting renters and landlords by ensuring federal rental assistance makes its way to the tenants and landlords who need it and providing an opportunity for eligible small landlords to apply for and access rental assistance directly (AB486).
  • Ensuring Nevadans feel safe in their homes by limiting no-knock warrants except under certain circumstances. (SB50)
  • Maximizing federal grants by strengthening existing efforts to bring more federal grant dollars back to Nevada by establishing the Office of Federal Assistance to bring in an additional $100 million in revenue over the next two years and an additional $500 million every year beginning in 2026 (AB445).
  • Modernizing and upgrading Nevada’s Unemployment Insurance System by allocating $54 million of federal funding set to be received from the American Rescue Plan. (AB484).
  • Supporting Nevada's businesses by using eligible federal funds to replenish the Unemployment Compensation Fund, eliminating the need for Nevada businesses to pay more in fees to replenish the fund (SB461).
  • Fully implementing the Pupil-Centered Funding Plan to ensure education funding is allocated to meet each student’s needs so that dollars follow the students, rather than being connected to districts or schools. (SB439).


Meghin Delaney
Communications Director