Governor Sisolak announces the introduction of the Every Nevadan Recovery Framework

CARSON CITY, NV – April 01, 2021

Today, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak announced the “Every Nevadan Recovery Framework,” a State-specific framework for the expenditure of the $2.9 billion the State of Nevada will directly receive from the American Rescue Plan (ARP) to help address the effects of COVID-19.

“Our State’s ability to recover from this pandemic and build a stronger Nevada will be dependent upon the recovery of our residents first. We will focus our efforts on a comprehensive approach that puts individuals and families right at the center,” said Governor Sisolak. “The Every Nevadan Recovery Framework will help prioritize the expenditure of funds for Nevadans – resulting in a successful recovery and a stronger Nevada for future generations.”

Governor Sisolak, along with Treasurer Zach Conine, Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro and Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson developed the framework to initiate a strategic planning process for the expenditure of ARP discretionary funds allocated directly to the State of Nevada. The priorities and guiding principles, along with the stakeholder engagement process outlined in the framework, will serve as a foundation to ensure this federal funding is used in a strategic manner focused on a strong recovery for Nevada families and our economy.

“Thanks to the hard work of President Biden and our congressional delegation, we are about to receive an unprecedented investment into the State of Nevada,” said Treasurer Zach Conine. “Now more than ever, we must work collaboratively and intentionally across the State to rebuild our communities and revitalize our economy to create the State that Nevadans deserve.”

“I am proud to have worked with Governor Sisolak and Majority Leader Cannizzaro to help develop a framework for how to prioritize sorely needed federal aid. Nevada was hit hardest by the pandemic and economic downturn,” said Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson. “With a thoughtful and critical approach to implementing the “Every Nevadan Recovery Framework,” Nevada will benefit more than any other state in recovery.”

"The American Rescue Plan is providing Nevada with critical resources to get the pandemic under control, provide relief for working families, and kickstart Nevada’s economic recovery. Together with Governor Sisolak and our Assembly colleagues, we're excited to announce today's framework outlining how we are going to put this aid to work for Nevada families,” said Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro. “We look forward to engaging communities across the state to gather their input in what we believe will be a transformative moment for Nevada."

As guidance about the funds is made available, ideas will be optimized under the following prioritization bands, while also taking into account immediate necessary spending:

  • Nevadans health and safety
  • Strengthening resources for community support and educational access
  • Building a strong economy, and
  • Improving the quality of life for all Nevadans.

These efforts will be organized into seven prioritized categories of strategic enhancement, allowing subject matter experts and stakeholders to engage and ideas to be compared more effectively. The Every Nevadan Recovery Framework can be found online here:



Meghin Delaney
Communications Director