Governor Sisolak signs legislation from 81st Session, including bills in support of K-12 education, Nevada’s immigrant and diverse communities, and firearm safety

LAS VEGAS, NV – June 07, 2021

Today, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak signed legislation from the 81st Legislative Session, including bills in support of K-12 education, Nevada’s immigrant and diverse communities, and firearm safety.

At the K-12 Education signing ceremony, Gov. Sisolak was joined by sponsors of the legislation including Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson, Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro, and Senator Marilyn Dondero Loop. He was also accompanied by educational leadership, which included Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Jhone Ebert and Clark County School District Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara. Business leaders, community advocates, students and additional legislators also attended.

In a subsequent bill signing event, he was joined by representatives from the Nevada Office of Minority Health and Equity, the Advisory Committee on Minority Health and Equity, the Nevada Office for New Americans, the Nevada Commission on Minority Affairs, the Asian Community Development Council and sponsors of the legislation that included Senators Melanie Scheible and Fabian Donate. Community organizations and advocates were also in attendance. Congresswoman Dina Titus and Julian Escutia Rodriguez, the consul of Mexico, attended the event as well.

The following is a list of bills the Governor held signing ceremonies for today:

In support of K-12 education
“Education remains a top priority for me, and I am glad that in my first two legislative sessions as Governor, we have been able to work together to make historic investments in our K-12 education system for our students”, said Governor Sisolak. “ “I’m so proud of the meaningful steps we’ve taken, and I look forward to working with our educators and stakeholders to continue doing all we can to provide the best educational opportunities for our kids as possible.”

  • Assembly Bill 495 - Sponsored by the Assembly Committee on Ways and Means, with input from business, industry, educators, labor organizations, activists and advocates and more, creates a 1 percent levy on large silver and gold mines for public school funding. This funding will benefit every educator, every student, and every family in Nevada. Additionally, this bill dedicates $200 million in Nevada’s federal funding for Nevada’s K-12 public schools. Both of these investments will ensure Nevada can address learning loss and continue improving educational outcomes in the short and long term.
  • Senate Bill 173 – Also called ‘Back on Track’, this legislation sponsored by Senator Marilyn Dondero Loop, is aimed at helping districts address the learning loss experienced as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, to ensure that none of our students slip through the cracks because of the disruption the pandemic had on all of our daily lives.
  • Senate Bill 249 - Sponsored by Senator Marilyn Dondero Loop, allows a mental or behavioral health professional to certify that a student is not able to attend school. It also prohibits an excused absence due to a child’s physical or mental condition or behavioral health from having a negative effect on a school’s accountability rating.
  • Senate Bill 450 - This legislation, sponsored by Majority Leader Cannizzaro, authorizes the board of trustees of a school district to issue general obligation bonds previously authorized by a vote of the people for a second additional period of 10 years without additional approval. This legislation will allow for schools to be repaired and new schools to be built, all while creating new jobs.

Photos from the event can be found here:

In support of Nevada’s diverse communities

“These bills will undoubtedly advance the State of Nevada’s commitment to the inclusion and integration of our diverse communities by taking concrete steps to ensure that all Nevada residents have access to our state’s services and resources”, said Governor Sisolak. “Today’s bill signing is a testament to the Nevada Office for New American’s relentless work in immigrant and refugee advocacy and our State’s commitment to creating a more diverse and welcoming state for all.”

  • Senate Bill 222 - This legislation, sponsored by Senator Scheible, tasks the Nevada Office for New Americans, the Office of Minority Health and Equity, and the Commission on Minority Affairs to work together to organize an annual meeting between the liaisons to discuss ways to increase access and inclusivity, work toward eliminating systemic racism and tear down structural barriers to make life easier for people in these communities.
  • Senate Bill 318 - This legislation, sponsored by Senator Fabian Donate, will help bridge the gap of communications by proactively ensuring that the Division of Public Health and Behavioral Health of the Department of Health and Human Services and each district health department take reasonable measures to ensure that persons with limited English proficiency (LEPs) have meaningful and timely access to services and resources to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and protect them against this virus.

Photos from the event can be found here:

In support of common sense firearm safety
"Last session, I was so proud to work with Assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui and stakeholders across Nevada to pass common sense firearm safety measures including closing the background check loophole and banning bump stocks," said Gov. Sisolak. "Today's legislation builds upon the progress from 2019 by outlawing "ghost guns." This will help prevent criminals from obtaining and assembling weapons without serial numbers that they otherwise wouldn't be allowed to purchase. I want to thank Assemblywoman Jauregui for working with a diverse coalition to bring this bill to my desk for signature and for continuing our efforts to create a safer Nevada for all."

  • Assembly Bill 286 Sponsored by Assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui, this bill restricts the manufacture, possession, purchase, transfer, transportation, or sale of firearms and unfinished frames or receivers that have not been imprinted with a serial number in accordance with federal law and provides penalties for violating these restrictions.

Photos of the bill signing can be found here:



Meghin Delaney
Communications Director