Gov. Sisolak applauds Nevada agencies for launching new partnership agreement to help prevent wildfires, protect communities, and enhance natural landscapes

CARSON CITY - April 19, 2021

Today, Governor Steve Sisolak applauded Nevada’s State and Federal public land and natural resource agencies for commencing Nevada’s Shared Stewardship Agreement, a landmark interagency initiative that was signed in 2019 to reduce the risk and impacts of catastrophic wildfire.

Through this strategic and collaborative partnership, agencies are working together across the Silver State to safeguard Nevada’s communities, rural economies, and native wildlife by fostering healthy landscapes that are more resistant and resilient to wildfire, drought, invasive species, and other ecological disturbances exacerbated by climate change. Through this cooperative agreement, multi-agency teams will jointly increase the annual number of acres treated by 50 percent by 2025.

“Wildfires don’t stop at jurisdictional boundaries. As the impacts of climate change continue to compound, wildfires are projected to increase in both frequency and intensity in the years ahead. In Nevada, we’ve seen firsthand that our greatest successes in creating healthy, fire-resilient forests and rangelands are grounded in solid partnerships and active collaboration,” said Governor Sisolak. “The Nevada Shared Stewardship Agreement is a shining example of strategic coordination and tangible, on-the-ground action that strengthens the Silver State’s long-term resilience to wildfire and other climate change impacts. I applaud our state and federal partners for implementing this vital land stewardship plan and advancing science-based solutions to help ensure the long-term sustainable health of Nevada’s communities and natural resources.”

In November 2019, Gov. Sisolak signed the Nevada Shared Stewardship Agreement with the U.S Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, and the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service. In early 2020, the Natural Resources Conservation Service signed on as well. The Nevada departments of Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources, and Wildlife are the primary state agencies tasked by the Governor with implementing the agreement.

The agreement focused on reducing the risk of catastrophic wildfire through interagency plans that address ecological restoration, sustainable recreation, conserving and protecting Nevada’s infrastructure, and conserving and protecting fish and wildlife.

Based on the goals set forth in the Shared Stewardship Agreement, and determined using the best available science and collaboratively sourced data, numerous forests and rangelands have been identified and prioritized for interagency collaboration that will reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire in some of Nevada’s most vulnerable areas while providing the greatest return on the investment.

Significant progress is already being made by multi-agency teams across Nevada. For example, in the Lamoille region near Elko, existing wildfire barriers, such as fuel breaks, are being maintained using cattle, while new fuel breaks are being constructed. Additionally, weed prevention and control measures are currently underway using eco-friendly herbicides and native insects. In the Spring Mountains area near Pahrump, wildfire prevention measures are also being implemented through prescribed burns and weed reduction techniques.

More information on the partnership can be found in the Shared Stewardship Agreement.



Meghin Delaney  
Communications Director