Governor Sisolak issues statement on vaccine allocation changes for Nevada

CARSON CITY, Nevada – December 18, 2020

Today, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak issued the following statement regarding an update from the federal government on the COVID-19 vaccination doses allocated to Nevada.

The second allocation of Pfizer’s vaccine is now expected to be 17,550 doses. Originally the state anticipated receiving 30,255 doses. This equates to a 42 percent drop.

“States need clear and precise updates and information from the federal government as we continue the large and complex process of distributing this critical COVID-19 vaccine across the nation and here in Nevada. To slash allocations for States – without any explanation whatsoever – is disruptive and baffling.

The State’s vaccination team has done tremendous work in the last eight months to plan and prepare for this historic distribution process. I am proud of their ongoing work to ensure the first distribution of the allocation has gone smoothly so hospitals can begin vaccinating their frontline health care workers.

I look forward to a swift and thorough explanation from the federal government regarding this change in allocation. States across the country, not just Nevada, deserve a transparent and communicative partner in this effort.”



Meghin Delaney
Communications Director