Gov. Sisolak signs criminal justice reform legislation from 32nd Legislative Special Session

CARSON CITY, NV - August 07, 2020

Today, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak issued the following statement after signing Assembly Bill 3, a measure vital in the advancement of social justice reform that includes changes to law enforcement conduct and Senate Bill 2, which rollbacks certain provisions for police officers under investigation.

"Earlier this year, I made a promise to all Nevadans that I would meet with legislators, elected officials, and community leaders throughout the State to discuss social and criminal justice reforms to ensure we could begin moving to a place where everyone would feel safe in their communities. These two pieces of legislation are a step in the right direction, recognizing that the conversations – and the work – must continue.

Nevadans should always feel safe in their own communities and confident that they will not have to fear for their lives from those that are charged with protecting them. We will not squander this opportunity. We will push forward. This moment will not be fleeting and forgotten, it will persist.

My administration will continue to pursue change, we will not go back to the status quo and we will continue to actively listen to those whose voices have been drowned out or forgotten in the past.”


On June 4, Governor Sisolak released a statement vowing to commit his administration to criminal and social justice reforms. Since then, he has met with many members of the community, and elected officials including Attorney General Aaron Ford, Speaker Jason Frierson, and Assemblywoman Danielle Monroe-Moreno, and more to hear from constituents and take action. One of the most important reasons for the calling of a second special session was so that these social justice reforms remain a priority during this global pandemic.

Assembly Bill 3 and Senate Bill 2 are a culmination of these conversations and addresses public safety reforms. Assembly Bill 3 includes authorizing a person to record law enforcement activity in certain circumstances, the use of physical force by a peace officer, including the requirement of another peace officer to intervene to prevent the use of unjustified physical force in certain circumstances. They must also report the observation of the use of unjustified physical force by another peace officer. Law enforcement agencies also have to adopt a written policy regarding the drug and alcohol testing of a peace officers, and requiring law enforcement agencies to provide a report to the Legislature containing certain information relating to traffic stops, among other reforms.

The Governor will continue to work with state and community leaders to advocate for criminal and social justice reform, and is reaffirming his commitment to effectuating these changes.

Additional details on AB3 can be found HERE.

Additional details on SB2 can be found HERE.