Gov. Sisolak announces “Clean Cars Nevada,” initiative to provide Nevadans with more choices for less-polluting cars and trucks

CARSON CITY, NV - June 22, 2020

Today, Governor Steve Sisolak announced the Clean Cars Nevada initiative, which will evaluate the adoption of new regulations to provide Nevadans with more choices for low and zero emission electric passenger cars and trucks at dealerships throughout the state beginning in 2024. In addition to increasing consumer options, Clean Cars Nevada will help advance the State’s climate change and sustainability goals, reduce harmful air pollution from cars and trucks on Nevada roads, and strengthen the economy. While Clean Cars Nevada will help reduce pollution through providing cleaner, more efficient transportation options, the proposed new regulations will not require anyone to give up their current vehicle or choose one that does not work for their lifestyle or business needs.

Also referred to as Clean Car Standards which has been fully or partially adopted in 14 other states, Clean Cars Nevada will be tailored to Nevada’s needs through inclusion of robust stakeholder engagement and solicitation of input from the general public, business and industry partners, conservation organizations, and all who have an interest in this important undertaking. Through 2021, the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) will engage with stakeholders and convene public workshops to gather comprehensive input and feedback across all impacted sectors of our economy and throughout every community in Nevada. This stakeholder input will inform the design of the proposed regulation in advance of its consideration by the State Environmental Commission and state Legislative Commission.

“Now more than ever, it is critical for Nevada to continue accelerating efforts to address climate change including capturing the many benefits of sustainable transportation options for Nevadans,” said Governor Sisolak. “Now is the time to set a new trajectory that will lead to healthier communities across the Silver State and establish Nevada as a leader in the clean transportation economy. For the sake of Nevada’s future, and our children’s future, we are taking action. This kind of decisive action is the first of many steps we will be taking as part of my commitment to addressing climate change under the State of Nevada Climate Initiative.”

“Cleaner cars provide cleaner air and healthier communities for the benefit of all Nevadans,” said Bradley Crowell, Director of the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. “Transportation is the number one source of greenhouse gases in Nevada, and therefore a top priority for addressing climate change statewide. To move Nevada’s climate future forward, we must reduce pollution from the cars and trucks we drive as well as modernize our urban planning efforts through transit-oriented development and electrification of our transportation infrastructure. Establishing new Clean Car Standards will help address the harmful impacts of climate change stemming from vehicle tailpipe pollution, while simultaneously advancing a stronger, more resilient economy for Nevada.”

Dr. Kristen Averyt, Nevada’s State Climate Policy Coordinator, added, “How we transport ourselves matters. Reducing air pollution, protecting public health, and mitigating the harmful impacts of climate change requires steady, but aggressive action. Putting more Nevadans behind the wheel of low and no emissions vehicles is one of the many solutions we will be identifying as part of the State of Nevada Climate Initiative.”

Over the last two years, Governor Sisolak and the Legislature laid the groundwork to put Nevada on a path toward climate resilience. Early this year, NDEP issued an updated statewide greenhouse gas emissions inventory and projections report as required under SB 254 from the 2019 Legislative Session. The report highlighted the transportation sector as the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Nevada through 2030. Without taking bold climate action, the state will fail to make meet the necessary greenhouse gas reduction goals set forth under SB 254 and pursuant to Governor Sisolak’s Executive Order on climate change. Adopting Clean Cars Nevada is an important next step to advance a sustainable, resilient, climate-friendly future for all Nevadans.

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Meghin Delaney
Communications Director