NEWS ROUNDUP: Governor Sisolak Protects Pre-Existing Conditions, Directs More Revenue to Schools, and more

CARSON CITY, NV - May 17, 2019

Governor Steve Sisolak has signed over 80 bills so far during his first legislative session, including landmark bills this week to enshrine protections for pre-existing conditions into state law, end “surprise billing” for emergency medical care, and give law enforcement more tools to bring justice to victims of crime. Governor Sisolak also presented legislation to create an office that will help immigrants break down bureaucratic barriers to economic success and a commission to examine what Nevada can do better to expand access to affordable health care.

News coverage from across the state highlights Governor Sisolak’s work just this week to advance his priorities for Nevada families.

The Nevada Independent: Sisolak's long-promised Patient Protection Commission will undertake review of health care

By Megan Messerly
May 13, 2019

Long-awaited legislation establishing a Patient Protection Commission promised by Gov. Steve Sisolak on the campaign trail and charged with a top-to-bottom review of health care in Nevada is expected to be introduced in the Senate on Monday.

Introduction of the legislation will bring the cornerstone of Sisolak’s health-care agenda one step closer to reality with only three weeks left in the legislative session. The governor’s approach with the commission — which will initially only be given an advisory role supplemented by the authority to issue two bill draft requests — also represents a split from what he has spearheaded with the creation of a Cannabis Compliance Board, which will have regulatory teeth in its oversight of the marijuana industry.

Las Vegas Review-Journal: New office to help immigrants in Nevada

By Colton Lochhead
May 13, 2019

A new state office proposed by Governor Steve Sisolak would “empower immigrants and refugees to ascend the economic ladder by breaking bureaucratic barriers,” his staff said Monday during a bill hearing at the Legislature.

“The intent of this office is to serve all Nevadans regardless of their legal status,” said Francisco Morales, director of public affairs and community relations for Sisolak’s office, while testifying on Senate Bill 538, which would create the Office for New Americans. “Immigrants are not just population numbers. They’re also an important part of our overall state’s economy and our workforce.”

KOLO 8 News Now: Governor: Marijuana tax will go to fund education

By Ben Deach
May 14, 2019

With many Nevada teachers dealing with some of the largest class sizes in the country – and legalized marijuana being extremely lucrative - Governor Steve Sisolak is unveiling a plan (Senate Bill 545) to use the new business to solve the lingering problem.

Governor Sisolak announced his plan at a news conference at his office in the state capitol building in Carson City May 14, 2019.

The Nevada Independent: Much-awaited legislation lays out roadmap for marijuana regulation under thumb of Cannabis Compliance Board

By Megan Messerly and Michelle Rindels
May 15, 2019

Lawmakers on Tuesday dropped much-awaited legislation that would establish a board tasked with top-to-bottom regulatory authority over the marijuana industry — a promise made by Gov. Steve Sisolak.

The 160-page omnibus pot bill, introduced in the Assembly as AB 533, plans to place almost all of the responsibility for overseeing Nevada’s burgeoning pot industry under the thumb of a new, five-member Cannabis Compliance Board with regulatory authority and an associated advisory panel, the Cannabis Advisory Commission. The board, like its model, Nevada’s gold-standard Gaming Control Board, will be responsible for everything from issuing licenses to meting out punishment when businesses deviate from established rules.

The Nevada Independent: Sisolak signs surprise emergency room billing compromise, pre-existing condition protections into law

By Megan Messerly
May 15, 2019

Two sweeping health-care bills that would prevent patients from getting hit with surprise emergency room bills and protect Nevadans with pre-existing conditions were signed into law by Governor Steve Sisolak on Wednesday.

The move brings Sisolak one step closer to fulfilling the health-care agenda he touted on the campaign trail, including standing up to President Donald Trump on protections for people with pre-existing conditions and ending surprise emergency room bills. But it also represents the culmination of years of work — and for surprise billing, decades — on issues Democratic lawmakers had championed at the Legislature but were unable to bring to fruition under a Republican governor.

Nevada Current: Nevada bans trans, gay panic defense

By Michael Lyle
May 16, 2019

Nevada has become the fourth state to prohibit using the “trans panic” and “gay panic” defense in court.

Senate Bill 97, which was signed into law Tuesday, bans people from using a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity as a defense for committing a violent crime against them.

2 News: Governor Sisolak to Sign Bills That Help Strengthen Law Enforcement

May 16, 2019

Governor Sisolak signed two bills Thursday that help improve law enforcement's ability to help victims of crime.

Senate Bill 9 fixes a current loophole by removing the statute of limitations to prosecute sexual assault when it happens during a homicide. Assembly Bill 16 extends the time for officers to execute and return search warrants to obtain DNA samples from 10 days to six months.



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