Governor Sisolak Signs Five Bills, Including Measures to Increase Transparency for Drug Prices and Expand Public Health in Schools

CARSON CITY, NV - May 30, 2019

Today, Governor Steve Sisolak signed five bills into law, including a measure that increases pricing transparency for drugs prescribed to treat asthma and a bill that expands public health in schools and creates the Rare Disease Advisory Council to study the prevalence and treatment of rare diseases in Nevada.

SB262, sponsored by Sen. Yvanna Cancela, builds on a foundation laid during the 2017 legislative session to improve transparency regarding costs for prescription drugs used to treat diabetes and extends those same transparency requirements to the price of drugs used to treat asthma. SB262 will require drug manufacturers to submit a report to the state detailing the costs that go into producing and acquiring drugs to treat asthma, as well as their profit margin, any financial assistance they provide to patients, and factors contributing to recent, significant price increases for the drug.

SB315, sponsored by Sen. Joyce Woodhouse, bolsters public health awareness in Nevada schools by increasing information about the importance of annual physical exams for children’s health. It also creates the Rare Disease Advisory Council within the Dept. of Health and Human Services to study the prevalence and treatment of rare diseases in Nevada and increases awareness of childhood cancer.

SB13, sponsored by the Senate Committee on Government Affairs, authorizes county governments to form a nonprofit corporation to aid the county in providing social and financial services during an emergency.

SB33, sponsored by the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services, enhances enforcement mechanisms for individuals owing past-due child support by requiring insurers to exchange information the Division of Welfare and Supportive Services to locate individuals who owe child support, and if a claimant owes child support, the insurer must withhold the amount specified for payment of child support.

AB370, sponsored by Assemblyman Skip Daly, increases survivor benefits for widows, widowers, surviving children, and surviving dependent parents of state workers who passed away due to occupational disease or industrial injury as a result of their state service.