Governor Sisolak Signs Executive Order Creating Advisory Panel for Creation of a Cannabis Compliance Board

CARSON CITY, NV - January 25, 2019

Gov. Steve Sisolak today signed Executive Order 2019-03, establishing an advisory panel tasked with defining the scope of a future Cannabis Compliance Board.

“Nevada’s gaming industry is seen as the international gold standard and there is no reason we cannot take steps to ensure our marijuana industry is viewed the same way,” said Gov. Sisolak. “Today’s executive order is the first step in making sure we allow Nevada’s thriving marijuana industry to not just continue to grow but to represent the best in the country.”

The executive order creates an advisory panel made up of seven members who will be tasked with preparing enabling language for a Cannabis Compliance Board for the Legislature’s consideration during the 80th session. Areas for the advisory panel to consider include a review of potential banking solutions, the Department of Taxation’s current regulatory structure and licensing procedures, and potential cannabis consumption lounges among others.



Christina Amestoy