Governor Sisolak Expands Access to Affordable Health Care, Keeps Promises to Educators, and Grows Economic Opportunities for Working Nevadans During First Legislative Session

CARSON CITY, NV - June 04, 2019

With the 80th session of the Nevada Legislature now complete, Governor Steve Sisolak today touted his accomplishments for working families, fulfilling his promises made in his State of the State address to make sure that Nevada’s economic recovery reaches every family, that our schools prepare every child to reach their potential, and that our health care system is there for every Nevadan who needs it.

“Working Nevadans across the state will wake up the morning of June 4, 2019, better off than they were the day before because of the historic measures we passed this legislative session,” Governor Sisolak said. “From making our schools and communities safer, to passing the largest education budget in Nevada history, to securing protections for Nevadans with pre-existing conditions and combating the devastating practice of surprise billing, we have taken bold steps that will create better opportunities for all Nevadans, keep our economy on the path toward even greater success, and strengthen communities across the state -- from Laughlin to West Wendover and everywhere in between.

“It’s been an honor serving alongside the nation’s first female-majority legislature, which has broken barriers and positioned our state as a leader in courageous policies that will make life better for working families,” Governor Sisolak continued. “In the coming days, I look forward to signing even more groundbreaking legislation and shifting my focus to implementing my priorities from this legislative session. Serving as governor of this great state is the honor of my lifetime, and I look forward to continuing to work together to build an even stronger Nevada.”

Governor Sisolak has signed historic bills into law this legislative session…

 ...and Gov. Sisolak will approve even more legislative measures in the coming days.

  • Raise the minimum wage to give working Nevadans a much-needed raise (AB456)
  • Crack down on companies that knowingly pay women less for doing the same work, cementing protection for equal pay into state law (SB166)
  • Guarantee paid leave for Nevada workers so no one has to worry about losing their job if they need to take care of a sick child or parent (SB312)
  • Expand access to the ballot box for all eligible Nevadans by making it easier and more convenient to vote (AB345)
  • Give state workers a seat at the table for the first time in Nevada history (SB135)
  • Establish Nevada as the gold standard in legal cannabis regulation so that other states will look to us as a model for a strong and safe industry that creates jobs and economic opportunity (AB533)
  • Take a comprehensive look at the state of health care in Nevada to find out what’s working and what we can do better to expand access to quality, affordable health care for all Nevadans, regardless of ZIP code (SB544)
  • Empower immigrants, refugees, and asylees to achieve their full economic potential, and remove bureaucratic barriers that stand in between hardworking immigrants and economic success (SB538)
  • Invest $5 million in Nevada’s 2020 Census Complete Count Committee to ensure every Nevadan is counted in the 2020 Census (SB504)
  • Implement the largest public education budget in Nevada history that includes a salary increase for educators, a boost in the per-pupil expenditure, an 80 percent increase in school supply reimbursements, a three-fold increase in pre-k funding, and funding for school safety improvements for the first time ever (SB551, SB555, AB309)
  • Overhaul Nevada’s decades-old education funding formula to ensure that school funding is equitable for every student in every county. (SB543)



Helen Kalla
Communications Director