Frequently Asked Questions

Who can serve on a Nevada State Board or Commission?

Boards and commissions have specific requirements that are described in the legislation or Executive Order by which they were created. Most boards and commissions require appointees to be Nevada residents and at least 18 years old. Qualifications for each seat is provided in state statute.

    How do I become a member of a Nevada State Board or Commission?

    To be considered for a gubernatorial appointment or reappointment to a Nevada State board or commission, an application must be submitted along with a current resume. The vacancy list is updated monthly with current vacancy seat positions.

      What should I expect when applying?

      After submitting your application and Authorization for Release of Personal Information form, please allow a few weeks for processing. The Authorization for Release of Personal Information form must be submitted for consideration of appointment. You will be notified whether you were chosen to serve on a board or commission. An email notification will be sent once the appointment process is finalized.

        How will I know if I am selected for an appointment?

        Individuals selected for appointment and not selected will be notified by email and mail.

          Are letters of recommendation or support accepted to support my application?

          Yes, please ask your recommender to submit a letter on your behalf to for processing or by mail.

            Can I apply for a board/commission even if there are not any vacancies listed on your website?

            Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and will be considered as openings become available. The vacancy list has the most up to date board and commission openings.

              What is the time commitment to serve on a board?

              Every board or commission has a different time commitment required of their respective members. Some boards and commissions meet once a year, while others meet much more frequently. Interested applicants are encouraged to research the time commitment required by the specific board or commission of interest.

                What are my responsibilities as a board member?

                Board member responsibilities vary for each board and commission. Interested applicants are encouraged to research board responsibilities required by the specific board or commission of interest.

                  Are board members compensated?

                  Compensation varies according to statute. Most boards and commissions offer travel reimbursements and/or a small per diem. Board members are encouraged to contact the respective board admin for more information on eligibility for travel or per diem.

                    Where can I find more information about a board or commission?

                    Information about Nevada’s approximately 250 boards and commissions can be found through Nevada’s Legislature and on respective boards’ websites. Most of this information can be found via an online search.

                      Does the Governor have regulatory authority over a board and/or commission?

                      Per Nevada Revised Statute, the Governor’s role is to appoint members to various regulatory authority boards. Members of regulatory boards oversee the licensing, handle complaints, and enforce disciplinary actions of individuals or industries that fall within the jurisdiction of the board’s authority.

                        I am having an issue with a board or commission. Can the Governor’s office help?

                        If you have an issue specific to a Nevada State Board and it involves allegations of potential criminal activity, please contact the Nevada Attorney General’s Office and speak with one of their criminal investigators. If the item is administrative or procedural, please contact the board directly to discuss the item.

                          Issues with a state board or commission can be submitted using the Governor’s “Intake Casework” form on the Contact tab of the Governor’s website. The Governor’s office will forward to the appropriate agency for review and follow-up.


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