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Welcome to Governor Sisolak's Boards & Commissions

“Thank you for your interest in serving the State of Nevada. The members of our boards and commissions provide important public service to the Silver State and help shape the quality of life for the residents of our state. I want to thank you in advance for taking this important first step in learning how best you can serve your community. We need your talent to make Nevada an even better place to live! If you have any questions about any of the boards of commissions, please feel free to contact my boards and commissions team.”
~ Governor Steve Sisolak



Boards and Commissions are created to provide citizens a voice in their government and influence decisions that shape the quality of life for the residents of the Silver State. Members are responsible for advising the Governor, the Legislature and state agencies. Serving on a board or commission is a privilege and one of the most effective ways citizens can take in becoming an active voice in state government. Governor Sisolak is devoted to appointing qualified and responsible candidates that want to make a positive impact for all in the State of Nevada.
The Governor makes appointments to three types of boards and commissions:

Advisory- An advisory board, commission or council serves as a formal liaison between a state agency and the public, in addition to making recommendations on how to address specific issues.

Regulatory Board- Regulatory boards are those that oversee the licensing, handle complaints, and enforce disciplinary actions of individuals or industries that fall within the jurisdiction of the board’s authority.

Task Force - A task force is created for the purpose of accomplishing a definite objective and goal.
Governor Sisolak is responsible for appointing citizens to approximately 250 boards and commissions representing various areas. Boards with Gubernatorial appointments are created in two ways, either by statute enacted in the Nevada State Legislature, or by a Governor’s Executive Order.

If you are interested in serving, apply now!
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