Seal of the State of Nevada

WHEREAS, breast cancer is one of the most diagnosed forms of cancer and the second leading cause of cancer death among women in the United States; and

WHEREAS, in 2021 approximately 281,550 women in the U.S. and 2,490 in Nevada were diagnosed with breast cancer and during that same time period nearly 43,600 women in the U.S. and 400 women in Nevada died with breast cancer malignancy; and

WHEREAS, Triple Negative Breast Cancer is one of many forms of breast cancer and accounts for about 15-30% of all diagnosed invasive breast cancer; and

WHEREAS, Triple Negative Breast Cancer has a higher prevalence among younger women, women of color, women with type 2 diabetes or carrying excess weight in the abdomen area, and those with breast cancer gene 1 variations; and

WHEREAS, Triple Negative Breast Cancer grows quickly and is more likely to have spread at the time it is found and is more likely to come back after treatment than other types of breast cancer and people diagnosed with metastatic Triple Negative Breast Cancer have a less than 30% chance of surviving past five years; and

WHEREAS, studies have shown that Triple Negative Breast Cancer disease-specific mortality rates are often higher for patients of lower socio-economic status and ethnic minority communities; and

WHEREAS, advances in breast cancer screening and treatment over the last few decades have reduced the overall breast cancer mortality rate and recent innovation in targeted therapies have fueled advances in the fight against Triple Negative Breast Cancer; and

WHEREAS, in the Silver State it is necessary to promote Triple Negative Breast Cancer education, raise awareness about the disease-related disparities, and advocate for adequate access to screening, diagnostic testing, and care, to improve early detection and survival for all women;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, STEVE SISOLAK, GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF NEVADA, do hereby proclaim the month of March 2022, as


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IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal of the State of Nevada to be affixed at the State Capitol in Carson City, this 7th day of February, 2022

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