Governor Sisolak Joins More than 500 State and Local Elected Officials Urging Congress to Pass Permanent Protections for Dreamers, TPS Holders

Governor Sisolak signs onto statement to support and call for legislative solutions for immigrants living in limbo.

CARSON CITY, NV - May 06, 2019

In the wake of the Trump administration’s decision to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), Temporary Protected Status (TPS), and Deferred Enforced Departure (DED), Governor Steve Sisolak is joining more than 500 state and local elected officials by signing a bipartisan statement urging Congress to pass permanent protections and a path to citizenship for Dreamers and TPS holders.

“One out of every five Nevadans are immigrants, and our state welcomes them and celebrates their contributions to our thriving economy and cultural diversity,” Governor Sisolak said. “It’s long past time that Dreamers and TPS holders in Nevada and across the country stop being forced to live in fear and uncertainty. Passing permanent protections for Dreamers and TPS holders will send a strong message that we value these individuals’ role in our communities and will allow them to continue to make meaningful contributions to our economy without the pain of living in limbo.

“Here in Nevada, my administration is taking a bold step in helping new and aspiring Americans participate fully in civic and economic life by establishing the Governor’s Office for New Americans to help immigrants and refugees navigate the process of integration while promoting their important contributions to our state,” Governor Sisolak continued. “The success of our state is rooted in our ongoing commitment to welcoming and integrating new, aspiring, and visiting immigrants into the Nevada family. Congress must follow states’ examples and finally pass permanent protections for these important members of our communities – not only is it the smart thing to do, it’s the right thing to do.”

View the statement online with a full list of signatories. The text of the statement is below:

We, the undersigned governors, attorneys general, statewide constitutional officers, mayors, state legislators, and local elected officials are united in our belief that the time has come for Congress to provide permanent protection and a path to citizenship for Dreamers and beneficiaries of programs like Temporary Protected Status (TPS). These individuals and their families play an integral role in our communities, and make important contributions to our schools, workplaces, and shared prosperity as a nation.

In states and localities throughout this great country, Dreamers and TPS holders are helping to build a better America. Since the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) initiative was created in 2012, more than 800,000 immigrant youth have had an opportunity to transform their lives and to help transform the lives of so many people around them. On average, these young people came to the country at age 6, and are for all intents and purposes our fellow Americans. Similarly, the average TPS holder has lived in this country for 22 years, contributing in many ways including raising families, growing small businesses, and working in critically needed occupations–the vast majority of that time with lawful permission to remain and work in the country. Between them, DACA recipients and TPS holders have nearly 500,000 U.S. citizen children and many hundreds of thousands of other U.S. citizen relatives who depend upon them just as we depend on our own friends, neighbors, and loved ones.

Because of actions taken during the first two years of the Trump administration (and but for preliminary court injunctions that currently provide temporary protection to a subset of these individuals), these members of our communities face an uncertain future which could mean losing their ability to work lawfully, being separated from their families, and ultimately being deported from the place they call home. This would be senselessly cruel and also horribly counterproductive to the interests of our communities, our states, and our country.

As the leaders of states and communities across the country, we recognize how Dreamers and TPS holders have enriched and strengthened our cities, states, schools, businesses, congregations, and families. We believe it is a moral imperative that Republicans and Democrats in Congress work together to enact bipartisan legislation that replaces fear and uncertainty with permanent protection for these individuals.

We stand ready to help them get the job done.



Helen Kalla
Communications Director