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WHEREAS, commuters who travel by bicycle employ a clean, quiet, and efficient mode of transportation while helping reduce harmful exhaust pollutants and improve air quality, saving on fuel and maintenance costs associated with driving to work or school; and

WHEREAS, the promotion of bicycling as an alternative, non-polluting form of transportation will educate our communities on diverse transportation options, improve communities, attract bicycling tourism and contribute tot he safety of bicyclists by making drivers more aware of their presence on the roads; and

WHEREAS, moderate physical activity such as bicycling on the part of employees, can in turn be a benefit to employers by reducing healthcare costs, decreasing absenteeism, increasing productivity and reducing chronic diseases related to obesity; and

WHEREAS, the bicycle requires little space, thereby helping to reduce traffic congestion and demand for parking, and facilitates the use of our non-motorized infrastructure; and

WHEREAS, the State of Nevada commends all the participants of Bike to Work Week and encourages all participants to remember to observe all safety measures including wearing a helmet and obeying all traffic laws;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BRIAN SANDOVAL, GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF NEVADA, do hereby proclaim  May 15 - 19, 2017 as

 Bike to Work Week in Nevada


 Proclamation Seal Only                         Signatures of Governor Brian Sandoval & Barbara Cegaske