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WHEREAS, small businesses are the engine that drive the economic growth and prosperity of the Silver State and our nation, creating jobs and promoting the innovations that are essential to continued economic development; and

WHEREAS, the Saturday following Thanksgiving is dedicated to supporting small businesses across the State of Nevada, and nationwide; and

WHEREAS, in recognition of Small Business Saturday residents and visitors are encouraged to shop local and support small businesses in the community; and

WHEREAS, consumers who choose to shop at local, small businesses, directly and significantly contribute to the strength and vitality of Nevada's local economies, and help support the continued economic growth and prosperity of the Silver State; and

WHEREAS, supporting small businesses helps to invigorate the economy, create employment, and keep communities thriving; and

WHEREAS, initiatives to support businesses in recognition of Small Business Saturday will target radio, television, email, print media, English and Latino media programs and promote this particular Saturday as a day to shop and support small businesses in the Latino and across all Nevada communities; and

WHEREAS, Sabado de Negocios Latinos, in support of Small Business Saturday, is a collaborative effort that works to support local Latino businesses as part of this national initiative;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BRIAN SANDOVAL, GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF NEVADA, do hereby proclaim  November 26, 2016 as



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