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WHEREAS, the brave men and women of America’s Armed Forces have selflessly volunteered to defend our nation, answering the call of duty to protect our way of life; and

WHEREAS, countless service members, veterans, and their families have transitioned out of the military, and upon returning to civilian life, chosen to call Nevada home; and

WHEREAS, the State of Nevada continues to pursue the goal of becoming the most veteran-and-military-friendly state in America by ensuring the availability of the services, resources, benefits, and opportunities rightfully owed to our veterans and their families; and

WHEREAS, student veterans are growing in number not only in Nevada, but across the nation, and student veterans often face unique challenges in assimilating into civilian life and accessing higher education opportunities; and

WHEREAS, Student Veteran Resource Centers have proven vital in providing veterans assistance with transition from the military environment to campus life, as well as access to an array of services and benefits, academic support, and a camaraderie with fellow veterans; and

WHEREAS, Nevada's institutions of higher education have made it a goal to provide the necessary services to support student veterans, in order to ensure their success in achieving their educational goals; and

WHEREAS, the State of Nevada joins the University of Nevada, Reno in celebrating the grand opening ceremony of the Nevada Military Support Alliance Veterans and Military Center on March 16, 2016;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BRIAN SANDOVAL, GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF NEVADA, do hereby proclaim  March 13-19, 2016 as



 Proclamation Seal Only                         Signatures of Governor Brian Sandoval, Barbara Cegaske & Wayne Thorley