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WHEREAS, Human Rights Day was established in 1950 as an international day of commemoration promoting the central values of tolerance and inclusion; and

WHEREAS, since the earliest days of our nation's founding, the protection of human rights has been fundamental principle that has informed the development of our civil society and that continues to inspire America's institutions of government; and

WHEREAS, the freedom to practice one's faith, to participate in prayer and other forms of religious expression, and to engage in acts of worship are central to the U.S. Constitution's guarantee of religious liberty as enshrined in the First Amendment; and

WHEREAS, the Constitution of the State of Nevada guarantees that the free exercise and enjoyment of religious profession and worship, without discrimination or preference, shall forever be allowed in this state, and Nevadans from many walks of life and with diverse religious backgrounds continue to find divine strength, comfort, hope, guidance, and inspiration observed in their churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, cathedrals, and other houses of worship, as well as various public places, thereby honoring a proud national tradition; and

WHEREAS, the struggle for liberty and the security of individual rights has been a powerful theme throughout America's history, and continues today as new efforts emerge to promote hate, intolerance, and oppression; and

WHEREAS, the State of Nevada remains committed to the protection of human rights and recognizes the dignity and worth of every individual, regardless of race, color, ethnicity, age, sex, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability; and

WHEREAS, on Human Rights Day, Nevadans across the state are encouraged to celebrate the incredible freedoms and liberties for which countless brave men and women in uniform have fought and died; and

WHEREAS, the State of Nevada proudly recognizes Human Rights Day and supports this noble effort to raise awareness of the continued need to secure and preserve the civil rights and liberties of every man, woman, and child, with continued commitment to combating all forms of intolerance, oppression, and injustice;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BRIAN SANDOVAL, GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF NEVADA, do hereby proclaim  December 10, 2016 as



 Proclamation Seal Only                         Signatures of Governor Brian Sandoval, Barbara Cegaske & Scott Anderson