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WHEREAS, dedicated professionals, both career and volunteer, including emergency dispatchers, law enforcement personnel, fire, emergency medical service and search and rescue teams, and many other heroes of public safety, comprise the corps of first responders who protect and aid the public during emergencies and in times of crisis; and

WHEREAS, Nevada's first responders are highly trained professionals equipped with specialized education and skill sets that enable them to effectively address situations of urgency, protect public property, and save lives; and

WHEREAS, every day, first responders risk their own safety and personal well being in the performance of their duties, willing serving and protecting Nevadans while eliminating potential threats to public safety and welfare; and

WHEREAS, first responders are vital members of every Nevada community who selflessly serve on the frontlines of the most dangerous situations and circumstances, and whose dedication is essential to maintaining safety and preserving order in times of crisis; and

WHEREAS, the State of Nevada proudly recognizes the bravery and dedication of our heroic first responders, with deepest gratitude and appreciation for the invaluable services they provide to our communities, and with continued admiration for their incredible selflessness and commitment to public safety in the Silver State;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BRIAN SANDOVAL, GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF NEVADA, do hereby proclaim  September 27, 2016 as



 Proclamation Seal Only                         Signatures of Governor Brian Sandoval, Barbara Cegaske & Scott Anderson