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WHEREAS, Dr. Stephen G. Wells has led an exceptional and distinguished career spanning more than four decades, during which he has contributed in profound ways to the scientific community as a leading researcher, professor, and author; and

WHEREAS, after devoting more than twenty years in support of the Desert Research Institute (DRI) of the Nevada System of Higher Education, and serving as President of DRI since 1999, Dr. Stephen G. Wells will retire having made a true and lasting impact on this state through his leadership and dedicated efforts to enhance higher education in Nevada; and

WHEREAS, in his role as President, Dr. Wells led a dramatic expansion of DRI, helping to establish it as an internationally recognized institution with nearly 500 scientists, students, and staff, and a presence felt on every continent in the world; and

WHEREAS, throughout the seventeen years he has served as DRI's President, Dr. Wells has ensured that DRI successfully carried out a mission of improving humanity through environmental research, spearheading innovative projects and groundbreaking discoveries in environmental science that address some of the most pressing challenges facing humanity; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Wells has led DRI in achieving historic successes, including the development of "chemical fingerprinting" tracking atmospheric pollution, innovations in hydrology leading to expanded access to lean drinking water in Africa and South America, developing methods to protect China's ancient Tera Cotta Warriors and other ancient artifacts, preserving the beauty of the Lake Tahoe Basin, and developing 21st century applications in atmospheric and earth sciences that have supported the nation's military efforts in the Global War on Terrorism, and

WHEREAS, Dr. Wells has helped to establish the State of Nevada as a global leader and innovator in water conservation and technology, overseeing the establishment and successful development of WaterStart, which continues to develop cutting-edge solutions for water management that have attracted the attention of stakeholders around the world; and

WHEREAS, in addition to his tenure at DRI and his lasting impact on the Nevada System of Higher Education, Dr. Wells has contributed to our nation's academic and scientific communities in a variety of other roles, establishing renowned academic programs at the University of California, Riverside and the University of New Mexico, and serving in leadership capacities for numerous federal agencies, research organizations and institutions, and private sector firms and laboratories; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Wells' preeminence in the field of environmental science is reflected by his three national awards for research excellence, his publishing of nearly sixty peer-reviewed papers, and many other well-deserved awards, honors, and distinctions; and

WHEREAS, the State of Nevada proudly celebrates the very special role Dr. Stephen G. Wells has play d in the development of this state, with deep admiration and appreciation for his efforts to enhance the quality of life for Nevadans and for people around the world, and extends best wishes to him throughout all of his future endeavors

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BRIAN SANDOVAL, GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF NEVADA, do hereby proclaim  April 12, 2016 as a day in honor of

 Dr. Stephen G. Wells


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