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WHEREAS, the United States Battleship Number 36 was named in honor of the great State of Nevada, the "Battle Born” State and the 36th state to be admitted to the Union in 1864; and

WHEREASthe USS Nevada, and its sister ship the USS Oklahoma, were heralded as "Super Dreadnoughts," that helped to transform the United States Navy into the world's leading sea power; and 

WHEREAS, the super dreadnought USS Nevada, the most powerful American warship of its time, was commissioned at the Charlestown Navy Yard on March 11, 1916, the final act marking the entrance of the man-of-war into her nation's naval forces; and

WHEREAS, the USS Nevada was the only battleship to get underway during the attacks at Pearl Harbor on December 7,1941, a day when America endured one of the most harrowing military attacks in our history; and

WHEREAS, during the attacks on Pearl Harbor, the brave crewmembers of the USS Nevada prevailed to keep all guns manned and firing until the last enemy aircraft had gone, and sixty of those intrepid heroes gave the ultimate sacrifice defending their country; and

WHEREAS, throughout World War II, the USS Nevada was instrumental in pivotal battles, including the Invasion at Normandy, Okinawa, Iwo Jima, and other historic campaigns on the high seas, helping to lead the United States to victory over tyranny and oppression; and

WHEREAS, the people of the State of Nevada proudly celebrate the history and heritage of the USS Nevada, the Battle Born state's namesake vessel, with eternal gratitude for those who served with courage and honor in defense of liberty and the American way of life.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BRIAN SANDOVAL, GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF NEVADA, do hereby proclaim  March 11, 2016 as a day in honor and commemoration of the

  100th Anniversary of the USS Nevada, BB-36


 Proclamation Seal Only                         Signatures of Governor Brian Sandoval, Barbara Cegaske & Scott Anderson