Governor Sandoval Signs Statewide Broadband Modernization and Police Bodycam Bills, Among Others


Mari N. St. Martin
Communications Director
(775) 684-5670
CARSON CITY, NV - May 26, 2017

Governor Brian Sandoval today signed 12 bills into law including a statewide broadband modernization effort, an act requiring bodycams on most law enforcement officers, and a bill to make it easier to transition to State service from internship and student programs. The Governor also vetoed 7 measures.

“Ensuring broadband connectivity for our rural hospitals, schools and cities is imperative in the new Nevada economy. All Nevada students and families should have access to technology, quality healthcare and information regardless of where they live,” said Governor Brian Sandoval. “Bodycams will protect our law enforcement officials and strengthen the relationship with those in the communities in which they serve.”

SB 53

Is an executive agency bill sponsored by the Governor’s Office of Science, Innovation and Technology as part of a statewide broadband modernization effort. The bill gained unanimous support and will help enact the Governor’s stated goal of increasing the percentage of cities, libraries, and schools that are connected with broadband. This measure will also help achieve the objective of ensuring broadband connectivity for rural hospitals, health clinics and state correctional facilities by 2025.

AB 466

Was introduced by the Legislative Committee on Health Care and reduces barriers to hiring former interns and students with graduate assistantships at State agencies. The Public Service Intern Program, or other graduate level programs, are workforce development pipelines for individuals interested in state service.

SB 176

Was sponsored by Senator Aaron Ford and requires certain law enforcement officers to wear a portable event recording device, also known as a bodycam, while on duty. In 2015, Governor Sandoval signed legislation sponsored by Senator Ford requiring bodycams for Nevada Highway Patrol officers and this measure expands the list of agencies whose uniformed officers must wear a recording device. This bill also authorizes all counties to approve funds to pay for the bodycams.

The Governor signed the following bills into law:

Senate Bill 53
Senate Bill 160
Senate Bill 176
Senate Bill 206
Senate Bill 267
Senate Bill 491
Assembly Bill 61
Assembly Bill 89
Assembly Bill 128
Assembly Bill 165
Assembly Bill 195
Assembly Bill 466

The Governor vetoed the following bills:

Assembly Bill 101
Assembly Bill 271
Assembly Bill 438
Assembly Bill 445
Assembly Bill 154
Assembly Bill 364
Senate Bill 140

A copy of each veto message is attached.


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