Governor Sandoval Signs Laws That Will Expand Lithium Exploration, Add Money to Road and Construction Projects and Create the Vegas Golden Knights License Plate


Mari N. St. Martin
Communications Director
(775) 684-5670
CARSON CITY, NV - June 09, 2017

Governor Brian Sandoval today signed 30 pieces of legislation and vetoed 2 bill. The measures signed include laws that will expand lithium exploration in Nevada, add nearly $60 million to the highway fund, and create the Vegas Golden Knights specialty license plate.

Assembly Bill 52

was an executive agency bill that will create a permitting process to greatly expand safe lithium exploration opportunities in Nevada. Our state currently has one of the largest lithium deposits in North America and the only lithium production facility in the United States.

Assembly Bill 486

is an executive agency bill that oversees the distribution of the government services tax which is taken at the DMV. AB 486 will not increase fees for Nevadans at the DMV but will increase the state’s highway fund contribution by roughly $20 million a year from $38 million in FY17 to approximately $58 million in each of the next two years. These funds are used to build and improve Nevada’s roads and related infrastructure and create more construction jobs.

Senate Bill 69

was sponsored by the Office of the Governor and was part of his workforce development initiative. SB69 makes substantial changes to existing law and will help ensure Nevada’s occupational licensing boards are not acting as an improper barrier to workforce entry.

Senate Bill 74

was a recommendation from the Governor’s Drought Forum and will increase the focus on gathering information, providing assistance to water suppliers, conservation planning and drought response among other items.

Senate Bill 47

was another recommendation from the Governor’s Drought Forum and requires the State Engineer to make certain preparations prior to inter-basin transfers.

Senate Bill 283

creates the Vegas Golden Knights specialty license plate, a franchise of the National Hockey League that will begin play this Fall.

Senate Bill 511

simplifies the application process to purchase a license, tag, or permit to hunt, fish, or trap.

Senate Bill 121

creates an interim study on services for the elderly. Specifically, the commission will study behavioral and cognitive care of older individuals in Nevada.

Assembly Bill 110

was sponsored by Assemblywoman Melissa Woodbury and establishes a pilot program for competency-based education or a system where students can “move on when ready.” This is a student-based growth model where students can advance to higher levels of learning when they demonstrate a mastery of concepts and skills regardless of time, place or pace.

The Governor signed the following bills into law

Assembly Bill 7          Senate Bill 69

Assembly Bill 21        Senate Bill 72

Assembly Bill 25        Senate Bill 47

Assembly Bill 29        Senate Bill 74

Assembly Bill 45        Senate Bill 120

Assembly Bill 49        Senate Bill 121

Assembly Bill 52        Senate Bill 244

Assembly Bill 80        Senate Bill 251

Assembly Bill 110      Senate Bill 270

Assembly Bill 309      Senate Bill 368

Assembly Bill 413      Senate Bill 428

Assembly Bill 454      Senate Bill 283

Assembly Bill 484      Senate Bill 443

Assembly Bill 486      Senate Bill 458

Assembly Bill 509      Senate Bill 497


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