Governor Sandoval Signs CCSD Reorganization Implementation Bill, Other Measures into Law

CARSON CITY, NV - May 08, 2017

Governor Brian Sandoval today was joined by bipartisan legislative leadership and signed Assembly Bill 469, the Clark County School District Reorganization Implementation Bill. In addition to this signing, the Governor also signed into law Assembly Bills 35, 54, 387, and 476.

Empowering students, parents, teachers and more schools with the authority to make the decisions that best meets the demands of their community is an issue we should all support,” said Governor Brian Sandoval. “I am encouraged to see leadership from both parties come together to further implement a policy that will place the focus of our money and resources directly on student achievement and success.”

Assembly Bill 35 modified Nevada Revised Statutes to conform to national standards governing the regulation of insurance. This measure was an Executive Agency bill sponsored by the Department of Business and Industry.

Assembly Bill 54 was unanimously passed by both chambers and extends the time allotted to an employer to report an on-the-job car accident if the accident does not result in a death. This change is being made in accordance with federal law, requiring state regulations to mirror federal OSHA provisions. This measure was an Executive Agency bill sponsored by the Department of Business and Industry.

Assembly Bill 387 clarifies that the current 2-hour continuing education requirement for suicide prevention training, which is a prerequisite for social workers licensure, must be completed every two years, coinciding with biennial board continuing education assessment schedules. Assemblywoman Teresa Benitez-Thompson was the primary sponsor of the measure which passed both chambers unanimously.

Assembly Bill 469 is directly related to the re-organization of the Clark County School District approved during the 2015 legislative session with the passage of Assembly Bill 394, sponsored by Assemblyman David Gardner. AB469 codifies in statute the regulations that were developed and adopted during the interim by the re-organization advisory committee created under AB394. Speaker Frierson, Senate Majority Leader Ford, Senate Minority Leader Roberson and Minority Leader Paul Anderson jointly presented the bill in committee as a “United front and bi-partisan effort to provide certainty and stability in order to support Nevada’s students.” This bill is a critical component of Governor Sandoval’s continued efforts to reform K-12 education in Nevada. By restructuring the Clark County School District, the 5th largest in the country, in a manner that transfers more authority, accountability, and responsibility to local schools, the bill ensures that funding and student achievement decisions are made in a way that more directly relates to student needs and parent concerns. These changes also dramatically enhance the decision-making roles of parents and teachers in planning processes on behalf of students.

Assembly Bill 476 allows Nevada to join at least 18 other states that have enacted statutes governing electronic notaries (e-notaries). AB476 in an important measure that will enhance and better facilitate e-commerce and the changes made in this bill will assist the Secretary of State’s Office in establishing an effective and contemporary regulatory scheme for e-notaries. This bill passed both houses unanimously.


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