Governor Sandoval, Senate Leadership, and Teach For America—Las Vegas Valley Announce $5 Million Contribution and Establishment of Nevada Institute on Teaching and Educator Preparation


Mari N. St. Martin
Communications Director
(775) 684-5670
CARSON CITY, NV - June 08, 2017

Governor Brian Sandoval, Senate Majority Leader Aaron Ford, Senate Minority Leader Michael Roberson, and Finance Chairwoman Joyce Woodhouse today announced a measure that will establish the Nevada Institute on Teaching and Educator Preparation.

The State of Nevada, in partnership with Teach For America-Las Vegas Valley, has received a contribution of $5 million from an anonymous donor to fund the Governor’s inaugural program. Additionally, Senate Finance Chairwoman Joyce Woodhouse has introduced a bill which will provide $1 million in a matching grant for use in the upcoming biennium to aid in the establishment and operation of the Institute with the intention to continue expansion across the state in future biennia. The State Board of Education will develop a request for application from a State-approved teacher preparation provider at a Nevada System of Higher Education institution to establish the first Nevada Institute on Teaching and Educator Preparation.

“A great teacher fosters innovation, creates a successful learning environment, and brings out the best in each student. The Nevada Institute on Teaching and Educator Preparation will attract and train the best students from the Silver State, and the nation, to create a program for “Top Gun” diverse educators to teach our students. Nevada is taking the lead in training the best-of-the-best in the nation,” said Governor Brian Sandoval. “The Institute will give our next generation of educators the best preparation they can receive before they set foot in a classroom.”

“As a former educator and public school advocate, I understand that equipping our educators with the resources they need to be successful in the classroom means greater student achievement,” said Senator Joyce Woodhouse. “This Institute will compete nationally with other premier education programs and I know it will quickly produce some of Nevada’s best teachers.”

“A great teacher can change a student’s life forever, and today we’re taking another step toward ensuring Nevada’s classrooms are full of great teachers,” said Senate Majority Leader Aaron D. Ford. “This Institute will foster the development of passionate future educators, bring a new generation of talented professionals to Nevada, and enhance educational opportunities for Nevada students. I’m proud to support this effort.”

“I have always supported new and innovative ideas to solve our teacher shortage and improve the quality of education in Nevada,” said Senator Michael Roberson. “The Nevada Institute on Teaching and Educator Preparation will allow the best and brightest to receive world-class training and create a pipeline that will have a direct correlation on improving our education system and the lives of Nevada’s children.”

“This institute is aligned with the Nevada Department of Education’s strategic goal of ensuring all students are served by effective educators,” said Steve Canavero, Ph.D., Superintendent of Public Instruction. “This will help us attract the strongest candidates into the education profession. They will have an opportunity to learn their craft through evidence-based practices in schools where effective educators are most needed.”

“Teach For America-Las Vegas Valley has been a proud partner with local schools and institutions of higher education in Nevada for 13 years. Our corps members teach in more than 50 schools across the Las Vegas Valley and more than 335 alumni continue to make an impact in the community as educators, learning strategists, school leaders, non-profit founders, businessmen, politicians, and more,” said Executive Director of Teach For America—Las Vegas Valley Sean Parker. “The new Nevada Institute on Teaching and Educator Preparation will allow all of us to continue to innovate and invest in our state’s potential, and prove that community partnerships, strong and effective leaders, and committed investments ensure that the education system can work for all kids.”

The Nevada Institute on Teaching and Educator Preparation will serve as a catalyst to elevate the teaching profession and advance the science of learning in Nevada. The Institute will recruit the most promising future educators from across the nation and provide thorough and rigorous preparation to develop top educators who are prepared to meet the challenges of our evolving system of education. Furthermore, the Institute will foster professional autonomy and responsibility, advance our state’s ability to educate a diverse student population, inform policy and practice through innovation, research and evaluation, and integrate contemporary and effective instructional techniques. Simply put, the mission of the Institute will be to attract and train the best students in the nation in order to create a pipeline of elite educators for our public education system.


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