Sandoval Prepares to Direct New Energy Industry Task Force to Examine Major Policy Issues


Mari N. St. Martin
Communications Director
(775) 684-5670
Carson City, NV - February 09, 2016

Governor Brian Sandoval’s Chief Strategy Officer Dale Erquiaga today made the following statement before the Sunset Subcommittee of the Legislative Commission as it reviewed the possible termination, modification, consolidation, or continued operation of the New Energy Industry Task Force.

“Governor Sandoval is currently preparing instructions for the existing New Energy Industry Task Force to examine, review and provide policy recommendations on several existing and emerging issues related to new and renewable energy. The Governor has started discussions with the Director of his Office of Energy Angela Dykema to begin reassembling Task Force members and appointing persons to fill any vacancies. The Governor will instruct the Task Force to include on its agenda policies related to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan, grid modernization, and distributed power generation including rooftop solar and net metering,” said Dale Erquiaga.

Task Force Background:

Governor Brian Sandoval issued an Executive Order in November 2011 charging the New Energy Industry Task Force with facilitating the timely development of transmission facilities and renewable energy resources in the state. The order states that coordination of transmission planning and development is critical to the success of the renewable energy industry in Nevada. The Energy Office Director serves as the chair of the Task Force, which also includes members of industry, utility, transmission development, environmental interests, as well as representation from the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada, Nevada System of Higher Education, the Bureau of Land Management, Consumer Protection, and other interested stakeholders.


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