Sandoval and Legislative Leadership Announce Teach Nevada Scholarship Program


Mari N. St. Martin
Communications Director
(775) 684-5670
Carson City, NV - May 22, 2015

Governor Brian Sandoval and Legislative Leadership today announced the Teach Nevada Scholarship, a new program designed to provide a long-term solution to the teacher shortage across Nevada. This program will attract and incentivize Nevadans to earn the accreditation, certificate, or degree necessary to become a licensed teacher in Nevada by providing scholarships to students. Also announced was a special incentive pay program for the upcoming biennium to address the immediate shortage.

The Teach Nevada Scholarship fund will be funded by the Nevada State Legislature and managed by the Nevada State Board of Education. The initial appropriations request from the Governor is $5 million over the biennium. All public and private universities, colleges, or providers of alternative licensure programs that offer eligible teaching programs in Nevada are eligible to apply to the State Board of Education for a grant of money to fund the scholarships at their institution.

The incentive pay program provides $10 million over the biennium for programs of enhanced compensation to attract new teachers to fill critical vacancies in at risk schools. The program will provide districts with funding to provide $5,000 incentives for 1,000 new teachers per year.

“I am proud to join Legislative Leadership to announce the Teach Nevada Scholarship Program, an idea prompted by the ongoing struggle across Nevada to recruit and retain high quality teachers in our public education system,” said Governor Brian Sandoval. “We know that a great teacher can transform the life of a student. Attracting and preparing educators for success in the classroom is a key component to changing Nevada’s education system for the better. I would like to thank Legislative Leadership for their support of this program and am committed to begin the necessary work to recruit and train Nevada’s next generation of leaders in education.”

“A quality education is a requirement for future generations to succeed as Nevada competes in the global economy. A great teacher can spur innovation, curiosity, and brighten a student’s perspective on learning,” said Assembly Majority Leader Paul Anderson. “This initiative will provide the much needed resources for future students who choose teaching as their professional career path and those entering the field in schools where we need them most. I would like to thank Governor Sandoval for proposing this measure and look forward to working with my colleagues to see it through final passage.”

“Without the needed qualified and committed teachers in the classroom Nevada will continue to be at the bottom of education rankings,” said Assembly Democratic Leader Marilyn Kirkpatrick. “The Teach Nevada Scholarship Program is a step in the right direction to ensure that we address the teacher shortage across our state, and puts us on a path toward finding educators into classrooms across Nevada. This bill will help recruit leaders today, and in the future, who are going to teach Nevada’s children and deliver a quality education for the long term.”

“A great teacher is a hero in the lives of countless students and parents. I am pleased to help introduce legislation that places such an important emphasis on the immediate crisis with enhanced pay for new teachers, while making long-term commitments to change the way we deliver education,” said Senate Majority Leader Michael Roberson. “The Nevada State Senate will begin work on this important legislation immediately as this is a critical step in investing in and modernizing Nevada’s education system.”

“The Teach Nevada Scholarship Program sends an important message that Nevada values talented teachers. As a former teacher myself, I know how educators can enrich the lives of their students, particularly in at-risk and underserved communities,” said Senate Democratic Leader Aaron Ford. “I'm proud to support this initiative that will help bring new teachers to Nevada, put them in classrooms with the most need, and pay them closer to what they deserve.”

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