Sandoval Surpasses 500 Bills Signed for the 78th Legislative Session


Mari St. Martin
Communications Director
(702) 250-8210
Carson City - June 10, 2015

Governor Brian Sandoval took action on 71 pieces of legislation today, approving 68 into law and vetoing 3. As a result of the 78th Legislative Session, Sandoval has signed a total of 503 measures and vetoed 4.

Highlights from today’s bill signing include:

S.B. 168: Senate Bill 168 is a major collective bargaining reform that will provide greater flexibility for cities to meet their fiscal responsibilities. This bill allows cities which are in a fiscal emergency to reopen collective bargaining contracts with labor organizations. It also removes accounts with a balance less than 25 percent of projected expenditures out of consideration of a municipality’s ability to pay contracts.

S.B. 406: This measure, sponsored by Senator Michael Roberson, implements significant reforms to Nevada’s Public Employee Retirement System that will help ensure its solvency for years to come. S.B. 406 adds a new benefit option for the spouse of a PERS member who is killed in the line of duty or in the course of employment. Additionally, this measure prohibits certain felons from collecting benefits, reduces post-retirement increases and changes the retirement calculation for new members, makes adjustments to retirement ages commensurate with years of service, and allows domestic partners to be eligible to receive survivor benefits.

A.B. 221: This measure was brought forward by Assemblyman Randy Kirner and highlighted in Governor Sandoval’s State of the State address. Assembly Bill 221 provides greater transparency in the collection of student data which will empower parents with the knowledge of what information is being collected by their child’s respective school.

S.B. 491: Senate Bill 491 is a major piece of the Governor’s education reform package. This measure will provide additional resources necessary for high-quality charter schools to move into at-risk and high-need communities. This is essential to the Governor’s priority of promoting true school choice in Nevada.

A.B. 278: Assembly Bill 278 requires the Department of Education to develop policies, procedures, and guidance related to class size reduction and its impact on a student’s ability to learn in the classroom.

S.B. 7: This measure was adopted at the recommendation of the Governor’s Behavior and Wellness Council and will increase the types of medical professionals who can file an application on behalf of a person with a mental illness to be admitted into a facility where they can receive treatment.

S.B. 68: Senate Bill 68 will directly address the shortage of care providers in Nevada. It will expedite the licensing process enabling physicians who practice in other states to apply for licensure in Nevada and begin treating patients. This is an executive agency policy bill sponsored by the Governor’s Office of Economic Development.

S.B. 214: This bill creates a new advisory commission made up of members appointed by the Governor and Legislative Leadership that will collaborate with the state in helping Nevada secure its share of federal grant funding.

AB 67 AB 69 AB 113 AB 114 AB 263 AB 474
AB 94 AB 159 AB 172 AB 364 AB 389 AB 399
AB 410 AB 436 AB 438 AB 452 AB 488 AB 493
AB 489 AB 457 AB 475 AB 478 AB 480 AB 484
AB 485 AB 486 AB 490 AB 278 AB 476 AB 221
AB 83 SB 79 SB 138 SB 262 SB 285 SB 292
SB 348 SB 376 SB 194 SB 401 SB 254 SB 395
SB 456 SB 24 SB 95 SB 146 SB 409 SB 340
SB 332 SB 253 SB 471 SB 492 SB 513 SB 69
SB 170 SB 107 SB 68 SB 276 SB 52 SB 7
SB 168 SB 314 SB 491 SB 133 SB 483 SB 406
SB 214 SB 4        


The Governor also vetoed 3 bills today. Full messages are attached with a brief summary provided below:

SB 161: This bill potentially limits important legal remedies for Nevada consumers.

SB 183: Senate Bill 183 seeks to eliminate procedures and policies in Nevada law that govern the Nevada Transportation’s Authority’s ability to oversee and ensure that a motor carrier operator always transports members of the public safely.

SB 296: This bill limits the ability of Nevadans to hold others fully accountable for any harm they may have caused and may cause in the future by limiting claims for punitive damages in civil actions.


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