Sandoval Signs Additional Legislation into Law


Mari St. Martin
Communications Director
(775) 684-5670
Carson City - June 05, 2015

Governor Brian Sandoval signed several pieces of legislation into law today. Sandoval has signed 390 bills as a result of the 78th legislative session thus far.

Highlights of the measures signed into law today can be found below followed by a full list of bills enrolled following signature

AB 234: This bill requires social studies standards to include multicultural education. The standards will be developed in collaboration with members of the community who have diverse ethnic or racial backgrounds. This measure was a legislative priority for Assemblyman Harvey Munford.

SB 128: Senate Bill 176 makes changes to the eligibility requirements for the Millennium Scholarship. This measure increases the number of credits that a community college Millennium Scholar must take, from 6 to 9 hours. It also increases from 12 to 15 the maximum number of credits that may be funded with a Millennium Scholarship per semester. The maximum cumulative scholarship a student can receive remains at $10,000. This policy change will encourage Nevada’s higher education students to graduate on time.

SB 330: This measure relates to high school student participation in sports sanctioned by the Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association, either at a public school or private school. This bill makes changes to the appeals process for a student that is aggrieved by a final decision by a school district administrator, panel of principals, or the Executive Director of the Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association. Senate Bill 330 also states that a pupil who enrolls in grade 9 at a public school and lives within the boundaries of that school, or enrolls in grade 9 at a private school, is immediately eligible to participate in sports at that school.

SB 374: Senate Bill 374 is a compromise measure that will allow the rooftop solar industry to continue to create jobs and grow in Nevada while protecting non-solar ratepayers. This new law shifts the regulation of the policy to the Public Utilities Commission and requires the Commission to study establishing a tariff for net metering by the end of 2015. This legislation clearly defines how much room remains for the rooftop solar industry to grow under the current net metering credit system. This measure will also provide a smooth transition from the current net metering program to the PUC approved tariff providing market stability for the solar industry.

SB 414: Senate Bill 414 encourages the Board of Regents to enter into an agreement with California to authorize in-state tuition for students living in the Lake Tahoe Basin. Similar legislation is working its way through the California Legislature. Nevada residents would be permitted to attend Lake Tahoe Community College at California in-state tuition rates and California residents would be allowed to attend Western Nevada College in Carson City at Nevada in-state tuition rates.

Full list of the bills signed into law today:

AB 8 AB 51 AB 121 AB 138
AB 178 AB 191 AB 206 AB 234
AB 328 AB 451 AB 477 SB 25
SB 56 SB 128 SB 137 SB 195
SB 250 SB 324 SB 330 SB 374
SB 414 SB 420 SB 422 SB 428
SB 488 SB 489 SB 498  



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