Sandoval Issues Statement Regarding Solar Industry Critique of Solar Industry Ruling


Mari N. St. Martin
Communications Director
(775) 684-5670
CARSON CITY, NV - December 23, 2015

Governor Brian Sandoval commented today on the rooftop solar industry’s tactics and reaction to the Public Utility Commission’s recent order on net metering.

“The rooftop solar industry has known for months that the Public Utilities Commission was tasked by the legislature to review the net metering rates in Nevada by the end of the year. Indeed, the solar industry, including Lyndon Rive, CEO of Solar City, testified in support of the legislation that established this process. The companies also know that if they disagree with the PUC's decision, that they can seek reconsideration and ultimately judicial review.

Instead, they have attempted to pressure my office to improperly influence the PUC's independent decision making process and resorted to bullying tactics such as threatening mass layoffs of Nevadans.

Nevada has provided tremendous support to the solar industry by adopting increases to the net metering cap over the past four years and given hundreds of thousands of dollars of economic incentives to Solar City.

I support a solar future for this state. In fact, more than $5 billion of renewable projects have been installed in Nevada during my administration. However, the state must also strike a balance between helping to develop the solar industry which I believe has tremendous potential while ensuring just and reasonable energy rates for all Nevadans.

Traditional energy consumers are subsidizing rooftop solar consumers and the state must determine the best way to help develop an emerging industry while ensuring the families who consume traditional energy sources are not paying more just to finance the rooftop solar marketplace.

The solar industry should respect the legal process and I ask the industry to approach the PUC's decisions thoughtfully and reasonably. A process for reconsideration and even judicial review is afforded to all parties.”


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