Sandoval Approves 44 Bills, Issues First Veto


Mari St. Martin
Communications Director
(702) 250-8210
Carson City - June 09, 2015

Governor Brian Sandoval took action on 45 pieces of legislation today. Measures approved today include increased accountability measures for K-12 public education and charter schools and a bill that would reimburse teachers when they buy classroom supplies with their own money.

Highlights of today’s bill signings include:

AB 161: Nevada is currently one of five states in the nation and the only state in the west that does not offer aviation tax incentives. This measure will allow Nevada to be more competitive in aviation transportation and the burgeoning unmanned aerial vehicle industry. AB 161 is an economic development measure that authorizes partial abatements of sales and use taxes for businesses that own, operate, manufacture, service, maintain, test, repair, overhaul or assemble an aircraft or any component of an air aircraft. Any abatement issued pursuant to this bill is limited to 20 years.

SB 411: While the extension of the school rollover bond was a necessary piece of solving Nevada’s school construction needs, some counties may require additional resources to ensure repairs and renovation needs are being addressed during this time of rapid population growth. This measure allows a local school board to create a Public Schools Overcrowding and Repair Needs Committee in all counties except Clark to make recommendations for imposing specific taxes on capital projects within the school district. The Committee’s recommendations would require voter approval in the 2016 General Election.

AB 421: This education accountability measure creates the Spending and Government Efficiency Commission for K-12 public education. The Commission will make recommendations to the Governor identifying areas in which increased efficiencies may be found, and any other means by which public education can be improved.

SB 133: This bill introduced by Senator Michael Roberson and other Republican Senators will reimburse teachers who buy classroom supplies with their own money up to $250. This is the first time in Nevada’s public education system that a teacher will have the opportunity to receive direct, dollar-for-dollar compensation for the money they spend on school supplies.

SB 412: This measure, sponsored by Senators Lipparelli and Harris, provides a tax credit to employers who match a contribution of an employee to the Nevada Higher Education Tuition Program or the Nevada College Savings Program. The tax credit is equal to 25 percent of the matching contribution, not to exceed $500 per employee per year.

AB 5 AB 34 AB 49 AB50 AB70
AB 85 AB 93 AB 115 AB 126 AB 135
AB 161 AB 199 AB 295 AB 325 AB 332
AB 341 AB 351 AB 409 AB 421 AB 447
SB 24 SB 29 SB 40 SB 68 SB 89
SB 103 SB 133 SB 153 SB 230 SB 247
SB 314 SB 341 SB 370 SB 411 SB 412
SB 428 SB 444 SB 460 SB 488 SB 500
SB 501 SB 507 SB 511 SB 227  

AB 472: The Governor also vetoed Assembly Bill 472. This bill would have ended eligibility of active members of the Nevada National Guard to receive reimbursement for service members’ life insurance premiums. The Governor’s full veto message is attached.


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