Sandoval Announces Meeting with President Obama to discuss Greater Sage-Grouse


Mari St. Martin
Communications Director
(775) 684-5670
Las Vegas, NV - August 24, 2015

Governor Sandoval will hold a private meeting with President Barack Obama later this afternoon, at the Governor's request, primarily to discuss the potential listing of the greater sage-grouse as an endangered species. The meeting will take place following Governor Sandoval formally welcoming President Obama to Nevada at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas.

Governor Brian Sandoval also issued the following statement regarding the Lake Tahoe Summit which is scheduled to take place today in northern Nevada.

“I would like to thank Senator Heller for hosting Nevada and California leaders and stakeholders, in a spirit of partnership, to address the issues that are important to preserving our shared natural heritage in Lake Tahoe. While another critical issue has caused me to miss the Lake Tahoe Summit for the first time as Governor, my commitment to preserving this national treasure and my partnership with the Tahoe congressional delegation and Governor Brown could not be stronger,” said Governor Brian Sandoval. “I am proud of what Nevada has accomplished this past year and look forward to continuing our work together, as we explore new and better ways to keep Lake Tahoe the most beautiful place in the world.”

Nevada’s Recent Investments in Lake Tahoe:

East Shore Express $30,000:  Sand Harbor is home to one of the largest stretches of public beach in the Tahoe basin and is considered one of Nevada’s most heavily visited state parks. The limited public parking options coupled with high visitor volume poses serious safety hazards to pedestrians, obstructs emergency vehicle access, and contributes to environmental problems of erosion, and sediment run-off that adversely impacts the lake’s clarity. In order to address safety, transportation and environmental concerns, the State of Nevada has added $30,000 annually to Nevada State Parks for the operation of the East Shore Express which provides shuttle service from Incline Village to Sand Harbor. Operation of this shuttle means fewer cars along State Route 28, safer road conditions and reduced water and air quality impacts.

Incline Village to Sand Harbor Bikeway Project:  The Incline Village to Sand Harbor Bikeway project and associated SR 28 corridor management improvements continue to progress toward construction. This bikeway project is a critical step in relocating pedestrian and bicycle traffic from along the highway shoulder to a single detached multiple use path, improving public safety while enhancing the recreational experience of the visitor.

Nevada Environmental Improvement Program $1.5 million:  Nevada’s budget for this biennium also included another $1.5 million in funding for Nevada Environmental Improvement Program (EIP) projects. The EIP priorities will be to implement projects directed towards restoring lake clarity, improving forest health, and enhancing recreational opportunities.

Invasive Special Inspection Stations $350,000:  We remain fully committed to support the efforts to protect the nearshore environment of Lake Tahoe. The 2015 Nevada Legislature approved Governor Sandoval’s budget recommendation of $350,000 to provide funding for the aquatic invasive species inspections stations in the basin. This funding was vital in order to maintain current inspection levels which ensure we are able to prevent new infestations of invasive species at Lake Tahoe. The funding for this program was set to expire this boating season but these additional resources and a strong partnership with California, have allowed the program to continue.

Stormwater Treatment and Continued Management $15 million:  The State of Nevada through the Department of Transportation is making a significant investment in ensuring we protect the water quality of Lake Tahoe and across the state’s bodies of waters. The Legislature committed over $15 million to implement projects, personnel, and equipment to improve water quality and protect it for the future. Zephyr Cove and Incline Village will see new projects that will protect the Lake from highway runoff, and other sediments that would adversely impact the Lake. Using these funds, officials will incorporate innovative technology known as “Jellyfish”. This is type of stormwater treatment vault that the state and stakeholders in the basin believe will achieve a higher level of performance in keeping fine sediments from entering the Lake. Governor Sandoval and the Legislature have also taken significant action by adding 42 new positions including a Deputy Director who will manage a new environmental division within the department. This new division will ensure that as transportation projects are implemented the department will maintain an oversight over the environmental impacts of future transportation projects.

Van Sickle Bi-State Park Guest Reduction and Forest Restoration:  Due to an unprecedented drought and in anticipation of another long fire season, the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources completed a fuels reduction and forest restoration project in Van Sickle Bi-State Park. Work in this area is important not just for the park but because of its location in the Wildland Urban Interface - meaning it is an area adjacent to residential neighborhoods.


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