Sandoval Administration and Legislative Leadership Close Special Session with Measures to Diversify Southern Nevada Economy


Mari N. St. Martin
Communications Director
(775) 684-5670
- December 21, 2015

Governor Brian Sandoval today signed into law Senate Bills 1, 2, and 3 and Assembly Bill 1, legislation from the 29th Special Session (2015 Special Session). The Governor called the Legislature into special session beginning Wednesday, December 16th and the body concluded its work this afternoon. Sandoval hosted a signing ceremony in the Old Assembly Chambers in Carson City which included Legislative Leadership, Members of the Legislature, and representatives from Faraday Future, an innovative transportation company that could potentially benefit from this legislation.

“The passage of the legislation today signifies a new chapter for the economic opportunities of southern Nevada. I am grateful for opportunity to work with the City of North Las Vegas, Clark County and all interested parties and stakeholders to take the a large step forward in diversifying the southern Nevada economy,” said Governor Brian Sandoval. “I would like to thank the Members of the Legislature for their thoughtful and comprehensive review of the merits of this project and the proposed legislation and I applaud the Legislature for its leadership and faith in the vast possibilities of Nevada. These sweeping measures signed into law today will be transformative for the southern Nevada economy and will resonate for generations.”

"Today marks another significant step as Nevada becomes a global leader in advanced transportation and manufacturing," said Steve Hill, Director of the Governor's Office of Economic Development. "I'd like to thank Faraday Future for placing their trust in Nevada. Faraday's commitment to invest over $1 billion onsite and create 4500 great jobs with an average wage in excess of $22 per hour, is not only the catalyst for developing the Apex Industrial Center, but also is a game changer for southern Nevada and its economic future."

“Economic diversity doesn’t just happen; it requires goals, strategy, and action. In order for Nevada to continue to emerge as a global destination for innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship, the state must be willing to compete in the 21st century global economy,” said Assembly Majority Leader Paul Anderson. “Today we took an important step in continuing Nevada’s momentum to further solidify our state's role in the future of the advanced manufacturing and innovative transportation industries.”

"As we looked through the language of these bills and the deal that GOED has crafted for Faraday Future and other companies, it was important to me that the State's best interest were front and center and the State's investments protected," said Minority Leader Assemblywoman Bustamante-Adams. "The legislation requires investment thresholds to be met, quarterly reporting and annual audits to be completed, and a share in the costs of infrastructure among the property owners is required. I am confident that this is a good deal for the State of Nevada and that, following approval today, the creation of high-paying jobs for Nevadans will result. I think it is important to also note the workforce training that will result from today to arm our citizens with the skills they need to succeed in the jobs of our state’s future."

“This is a great day for the entire state of Nevada. The passage of this legislation is the missing piece to making the Apex Industrial Park a viable destination for high-quality and emerging industries,” said Senate Majority Leader Michael Roberson. “I am incredibly proud of the Legislature for the bipartisan passage of this signature measure that helps to not only develop this region of the state, but also the workforce that will be needed to staff the positions that Faraday will create and the others that we hope to attract as a result of these bills. This truly was a collaborative process on all levels, and I feel honored to have been a part of reshaping the future of southern Nevada.”

“This Special Session, we crafted a workforce training program that will ready Nevadans to meet the demands of our changing economy,” said Senate Minority Leader Aaron Ford. “My focus going into this session was to ensure that the emphasis was not just on the infrastructure at Apex, but the people who will benefit from the jobs that will be created. North Las Vegas is still struggling to come out of its economic downturn, and I know that the bills we passed will help to turn this city around and get those who live in this region trained with the skills they need to obtain these high-paying jobs at Faraday Future. I applaud the company for its commitment to hiring a diverse workforce, and I look forward to seeing the workforce training and diversity hiring program established in AB 1 in use.”

Project Highlights

  • • Approximately $85 billion in economic impact over 20 years
  • • 4,500 direct jobs on-site with an average wage in excess of $22 per hour and full benefits package
  • • 3 million square foot automobile manufacturing facility
  • • More than $1 billion initial investment on the Nevada site within the first 10 years
  • • Peak construction employment of more than 3,000 construction and installation workers
  • • Faraday will make a direct contribution to K-12 education of $1 million per year for six years, beginning in 2018-2019 school year
  • • Faraday will prioritize the employment of Nevadans

Economic Data

  • • Direct economic impact generated by the project will be $55 billion over 20 years
  • • Indirect economic impact will be approximately $30 billion over 20 years
  • • Gross Regional Product in Clark County would increase by up to 4 percent


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